Tishani Doshi Poems

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Ode To The Walking Woman

Sit -
you must be tired
of walking,
of losing yourself

The Day We Went To The Sea

The day we went to the sea
mothers in Madras were mining
the Marina for missing children.

Immigrant's Song

Let us not speak of those days
when coffee beans filled the morning
with hope, when our mothers’ headscarves
hung like white flags on washing lines.

Another Man's Woman

If we’d lived in another age,
I’d have been the kind of woman
who refused to cast down her eyes.
The kind of woman

What The Body Knows

The body dances in a darkened room
Turning itself inside out
So that skin can face the light in fractures,
Slip like shadow through skeleton walls,

The Art of Losing

It begins with the death
of the childhood pet -
the dog who refuses to eat
for days, the bird or fish

Ode To Drowning

This is an ode
to be sung
in the latest hour of night

Open Hands

In Nairobi, an albino boy followed me everywhere
Peering at me from behind cupboards and trees,
Chortling with glee: Hello fine!
Here is space. Here is space

Love Poem

Ultimately, we will lose each other
to something. I would hope for grand
circumstance — death or disaster.
But it might not be that way at all.

The Affair

These days men on curbs are curved
Like farm tools or bits of wire,
Like unruly saucers of tea flung
Into the trees, the walls, the breeze.