Tom Adams

Rookie (29/09/89 / Sutton Coldfield)

Biography of Tom Adams

Tom was born as the son of a champion croquet player, but it was soon evident that he could never follow in his father's footsteps following a tragic croquet accident.
He eventually overcame the traumatic event using his characteristic charm and good humour to become an eminenet player in the QMGS English Literature scene. After writing several short stories (available on request) , he tried his hand at poetry. These are the results.
Tom sells screws to morons and when he isn't working or at school (6th form) , he is to be found at the White Lion.

Tom Adams's Works:

Mr Moshkins and the Traveller's adventure, Mr Moshkins and the usual suspects. Updates

Thoughts On Writing.

I have no time for poetry.
To sit and think? To write down?
Anything that comes to me,
or mess with rhymes and sounds?

To do so would be quite laborious
for me at any rate, when
my result would be less than glorious
and there'd be wast'd time, again.

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