TOM Altenhofen

Biography of TOM Altenhofen

I'm not gonna bother with writing an actual biography, it's just gonna be something about me (like the ABOUT ME section on myspace or something like that) . I'm a lonely, hopeless romantic and a goth-minded artist... kinda... except I'm not very creative anymore and I don't have good drawing or painting skills. 'chicks like guys with skills' lol I don't have skills (which might be part of why I don't have chick either... I needs me a girl!)
Anyway, I'm a rock star wannabe. I have RSS (Rock Star Syndrome, it's a term I came up with) . RSS may be characterized by: random break outs of air guitar solos, random screaming as from a band vocalist, headbanging, obsession with long hair and time spent taking care of it, etc... Updates

Emotional Suicide

I hadn't eaten that day so already I was weak.
I slashed the blade down my chest and as I started to bleed,
I took the blood and wrote your name in red letters on the wall.
I ripped my heart right out and then began to fall.
I sat there in the corner already dead inside.
So right there in the corner, my body finally died.

They took away my laptop. My hair was cut off too.
They took away my future and there's nothing I can do.