Tom Berman

Rookie (25 Feb 1934 / Hronov Czechoslovakia)

Biography of Tom Berman

Tom Berman: I have been a member of Kibbutz Amiad in the Upper Galilee, Israel for over 50 years. I am a scientist (aquatic microbiology) and most of my research has been focused on the Sea of Galilee (known here as Lake Kinneret) . I grew up and attended school in Glasgow, Scotland having arrived there aged 5 from Czechoslovakia with the Kindertransport in 1939. Further education was in the U.S. at Rutgers University and at M.I.T. I am married with one wife, three daughters, six granddaughters and a grandson. Most of my publications to date have been scientific but now and again I have had a poem appear in press or on the Web (Ariel, Voices Israel Anthology, Full Circle, Voices from Israel, Travelling (Tom Howard Antology): Poetry Webring Review, Ariga, Poeticdiversity, Poetry Super Highway, SubtleTea, The Coffee Press Journal, The Poetry Victims and elsewhere) . are still trying to dispose of my first book of poems (Shards, a Handful of Verse) . Presently, I am Editor in Chief of the annual Voices Israel Anthology.

Tom Berman's Works:

Shards, a Handful of Verse. Writers Club Press, iUniverse.2002 Updates

Roman Vase With Patina

Shall my words
stretched thin across the page
ever shimmer
with living opalescence
like the luster of light
upon the Roman vase
in the vestibule of my mind?