Tom Gibo

Rookie (19 june 1989 / Walsall)

Tom Gibo Poems

1. Anon 5 6/22/2006
2. Anon 6 6/22/2006
3. Your View On Poetry 6/22/2006
4. Slumber Song 6/22/2006
5. Melancholy Wintertime Thoughts 6/22/2006
6. The Old Ways 6/22/2006
7. An Experiment 6/22/2006
8. Anon 1 6/22/2006
9. Anon 4 6/22/2006
10. Mundane Repetitions 6/22/2006
11. May-Time Hay-Time 6/22/2006
12. The Truth 6/22/2006
13. What Makes I 6/22/2006
14. Early Morning Hopes 6/22/2006
15. Prayer (Of A Kind) 6/22/2006
16. Attempt At Dialect 1 6/22/2006
17. Sonnet 2 6/22/2006
18. The Wolf Brighton 6/22/2006
19. Anon 3 6/22/2006
20. Little Inconsistencies And Non-Rhymes 6/22/2006
21. I Will Love You Till The Day I Die (Love Songs Of A Cancer Patient) 6/22/2006

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I Will Love You Till The Day I Die (Love Songs Of A Cancer Patient)

We awake cushioned by the down of your quilt,
A single eye shimmers by the moon.
You turn and think thoughts so mindless
Lick your lips,
Tongue like a snake prepared to uncoil.

Your mouth opens then wavers in midair,
A star crossed thought slips away with the moon.
We try to remember we are in a room.
Touch my hips,
Tongue like a cobra lost in its cage.

You speak finally, and you say
''Will you love me till no more day
-s remain and the sun eats the
world in wrath.''

I spoke and I believe I said
''Tomorrow my good dear I
shall be...

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The Old Ways

''Who is the one with many eyes'' he asked
''That is Journo the sad one, do not stare too closely''
''and him whose skin is like a dark portal and mutters a language I know not of''
''Ah he is of the older ones and is as a mountain in height, he speaks the tongues of dead gods and is called Antero Vipunen''

''Who is that one covered in open sores with a broken harp clutched to her bosom''
''She is Kipputytto the daughter of pain''
''And the one who looks like the sky at night with no fac

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