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81. From Here To Eternity, Almost! 10/22/2012
82. Feeling The Words 10/29/2012
83. Learn Or Burn? 9/23/2012
84. World Of Plenty? 10/11/2012
85. Communications Breakdown? 10/15/2012
86. No Fool Like No Fuel! 4/28/2012
87. The Primeordial Principles For Living 11/17/2012
88. Merry Christmas? 12/12/2012
89. Love Is. 12/13/2012
90. We Are All In This Together? ? ? 12/7/2012
91. A Questioning Mind 1/3/2013
92. So Much For A Swiss Education! 4/9/2013
93. The Crime Is War 5/24/2013
94. Only In The Minds Of Men 5/24/2013
95. Now And Then 5/24/2013
96. God Is So Great 5/24/2013
97. Knowing Words 6/12/2013
98. The Road 6/24/2013
99. I Am Old, I Am Not Invisible 6/20/2013
100. Book Of Memories 8/12/2013
101. Why Spy? 9/7/2013
102. Ptsd What Their War Has Done To Me 9/7/2013
103. That's Just The Way It Is / Was 9/7/2013
104. And Did Those Cheats In Modern Times 10/23/2013
105. On The Beach 11/1/2013
106. A Sadness 11/1/2013
107. A Factor Of X 1/9/2014
108. Are We There Yet? 10/20/2014
109. Father Dearest. 10/20/2014
110. Master Of Plaster 10/20/2014
111. One More For The Road. 10/20/2014
112. Fifty Percent 10/20/2014
113. Starbound. 1/11/2016
114. The Masters Of Consumption. 1/11/2016
115. Jobsworth Journalists 1/11/2016
116. On Living 1/12/2013
117. The Bench 1/13/2013
118. Lightning Rods 1/29/2013
119. This Racing Life 2/5/2013
120. Thoughts Of Nought. 10/20/2014

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Fatty Bum Bum

How did I end up in this state?
I'm always fighting with my weight,
I'd like to put it down to fate,
but that ain't honest!

I know for sure what I do wrong,
I've known the truth all along,
but I always sing a different song,
and that ain't honest!

I've tried to blame my family,
for passing the fat gene down to me,
and making me a big fat'B',
but that ain't honest.

So now I'm gonna face the fact,
I have to make me a slimming pact,
and with exercise I must react.
Now, that is honest!

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Shadey Dealings

Even shadows have a minister!
Don't you find this rather sinister?
I heard this on the BBC News,
Where the said person was giving his views
on something that was nothing at all
to do with shadows, short, or tall,
but all about industrial strife,
which he said is becoming rife,
and this is because this governing bunch

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