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Tom Higgins Poems

121. Another Year Older 2/23/2013
122. The Elephant In The Room 1/9/2014
123. The Apex Predator 9/7/2013
124. Das Kapital? 12/14/2012
125. Toads In The Road 10/16/2012
126. Let's Dance 8/27/2012
127. Repetitive Strain 8/30/2012
128. A Different Light 4/28/2012
129. God The Dad 4/5/2012
130. The 'Life'Boat 3/16/2012
131. Heroes For Heroin 3/9/2012
132. Hindsight 2/25/2012
133. God Log Stardate Thirteen Billion 2/21/2012
134. Mr Jobsworth 6/6/2012
135. 'God' Bless America? 11/17/2012
136. Hook, Line, And Sinker 10/17/2012
137. What A Wonderful World 4/28/2012
138. The Almighty Atom! 8/5/2012
139. Cat And Mouse 3/3/2012
140. Persistently Pursuing Piscine Protein 11/19/2012
141. Too Late Again. 10/20/2014
142. The American Citizen's Right To Bear Arms 12/26/2012
143. If Left To Think For Oneself. 12/7/2012
144. Poppy Price Tag 5/2/2012
145. Believe Only What You Can Test By Observation 2/21/2012
146. Count Your Blessings 2/21/2012
147. Chances Are? 2/21/2012
148. Ultimately We'Re All Green 3/3/2012
149. Two Little Boys And One Tiny Bird 2/19/2012
150. A Cumbrian Lament 3/13/2012
151. Short Poem, Long Grass 3/3/2012
152. Watery Lottery 4/4/2012
153. United We Are Stood Upon 4/25/2012
154. A Whisper On The Breeze 1/3/2013
155. Blind Faith 3/5/2012
156. Fatty Bum Bum 3/5/2012

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Fatty Bum Bum

How did I end up in this state?
I'm always fighting with my weight,
I'd like to put it down to fate,
but that ain't honest!

I know for sure what I do wrong,
I've known the truth all along,
but I always sing a different song,
and that ain't honest!

I've tried to blame my family,
for passing the fat gene down to me,
and making me a big fat'B',
but that ain't honest.

So now I'm gonna face the fact,
I have to make me a slimming pact,
and with exercise I must react.
Now, that is honest!

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Count Your Blessings

Often circumstances can conspire,
to make a life's experience dire.
If this should ever happen to you,
this is what you ought to do.
Look around yourself to see,
if there is a worse place you could be,
and usually you'll find 'tis so,
there's somewhere worse where you could go,
and the poor beggars dwelling there,

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