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Tom Higgins Poems

121. The American Citizen's Right To Bear Arms 12/26/2012
122. A Questioning Mind 1/3/2013
123. A Whisper On The Breeze 1/3/2013
124. On Living 1/12/2013
125. The Bench 1/13/2013
126. Lightning Rods 1/29/2013
127. This Racing Life 2/5/2013
128. Another Year Older 2/23/2013
129. So Much For A Swiss Education! 4/9/2013
130. The Crime Is War 5/24/2013
131. Only In The Minds Of Men 5/24/2013
132. Now And Then 5/24/2013
133. God Is So Great 5/24/2013
134. Knowing Words 6/12/2013
135. The Road 6/24/2013
136. I Am Old, I Am Not Invisible 6/20/2013
137. Book Of Memories 8/12/2013
138. The Apex Predator 9/7/2013
139. Why Spy? 9/7/2013
140. Ptsd What Their War Has Done To Me 9/7/2013
141. That's Just The Way It Is / Was 9/7/2013
142. And Did Those Cheats In Modern Times 10/23/2013
143. On The Beach 11/1/2013
144. A Sadness 11/1/2013
145. A Factor Of X 1/9/2014
146. The Elephant In The Room 1/9/2014
147. Thoughts Of Nought. 10/20/2014
148. Too Late Again. 10/20/2014
149. Are We There Yet? 10/20/2014
150. Father Dearest. 10/20/2014
151. Master Of Plaster 10/20/2014
152. One More For The Road. 10/20/2014
153. Fifty Percent 10/20/2014
154. Starbound. 1/11/2016
155. The Masters Of Consumption. 1/11/2016
156. Jobsworth Journalists 1/11/2016

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Best Poem of Tom Higgins

Shadey Dealings

Even shadows have a minister!
Don't you find this rather sinister?
I heard this on the BBC News,
Where the said person was giving his views
on something that was nothing at all
to do with shadows, short, or tall,
but all about industrial strife,
which he said is becoming rife,
and this is because this governing bunch
is always going out to lunch,
with those who preach that we have to learn,
we can only spend what we can earn.
But he says this is just not so,
and if we give him another go,
he knows a way to turn things around,
and once ...

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Count Your Blessings

Often circumstances can conspire,
to make a life's experience dire.
If this should ever happen to you,
this is what you ought to do.
Look around yourself to see,
if there is a worse place you could be,
and usually you'll find 'tis so,
there's somewhere worse where you could go,
and the poor beggars dwelling there,

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