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Tom Higgins Poems

121. Another Year Older 2/23/2013
122. The Elephant In The Room 1/9/2014
123. The Apex Predator 9/7/2013
124. Das Kapital? 12/14/2012
125. Toads In The Road 10/16/2012
126. Let's Dance 8/27/2012
127. Repetitive Strain 8/30/2012
128. A Different Light 4/28/2012
129. God The Dad 4/5/2012
130. The 'Life'Boat 3/16/2012
131. Heroes For Heroin 3/9/2012
132. Hindsight 2/25/2012
133. God Log Stardate Thirteen Billion 2/21/2012
134. Mr Jobsworth 6/6/2012
135. 'God' Bless America? 11/17/2012
136. Hook, Line, And Sinker 10/17/2012
137. What A Wonderful World 4/28/2012
138. The Almighty Atom! 8/5/2012
139. Cat And Mouse 3/3/2012
140. Persistently Pursuing Piscine Protein 11/19/2012
141. Too Late Again. 10/20/2014
142. The American Citizen's Right To Bear Arms 12/26/2012
143. If Left To Think For Oneself. 12/7/2012
144. Poppy Price Tag 5/2/2012
145. Believe Only What You Can Test By Observation 2/21/2012
146. Count Your Blessings 2/21/2012
147. Chances Are? 2/21/2012
148. Ultimately We'Re All Green 3/3/2012
149. Two Little Boys And One Tiny Bird 2/19/2012
150. A Cumbrian Lament 3/13/2012
151. Short Poem, Long Grass 3/3/2012
152. Watery Lottery 4/4/2012
153. United We Are Stood Upon 4/25/2012
154. A Whisper On The Breeze 1/3/2013
155. Blind Faith 3/5/2012
156. Fatty Bum Bum 3/5/2012

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Fatty Bum Bum

How did I end up in this state?
I'm always fighting with my weight,
I'd like to put it down to fate,
but that ain't honest!

I know for sure what I do wrong,
I've known the truth all along,
but I always sing a different song,
and that ain't honest!

I've tried to blame my family,
for passing the fat gene down to me,
and making me a big fat'B',
but that ain't honest.

So now I'm gonna face the fact,
I have to make me a slimming pact,
and with exercise I must react.
Now, that is honest!

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Shadey Dealings

Even shadows have a minister!
Don't you find this rather sinister?
I heard this on the BBC News,
Where the said person was giving his views
on something that was nothing at all
to do with shadows, short, or tall,
but all about industrial strife,
which he said is becoming rife,
and this is because this governing bunch

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