Tom J. Mariani Biography

I was born in San Francisco and have lived in Northern California all my life. My first full-time job, while working my way through college, was as an apprentice pressman for the SF 'Chronicle/Examiner.' The first year I worked there,1966, 'The Sound of Music' won the Academy Award for Best Picture. However, a more accurate indication of coming attractions was that Janis Joplin had just come back to San Francisco from Texas to join Big Brother and the Holding Company and sing at the Avalon Ballroom. Looking back it seems that I missed most of the Summer of Love. I had no time to hang out in Golden Gate Park during the day, nor in the Haight at night. I was trying to earn enough to afford to work only part time during the college year.

After college, my day jobs for eighteen years were in bank management; first with Wells Fargo than a local bank in Santa Rosa.

What do I think are some of the other influences on my writing that you should be warned about? I am a fifth generation native Californian. I have a picture of my great-grandparents, the second generation, taken in 1907 aboard a six-horse team wagon loaded with tan bark for a leather tannery. He also hauled railroad ties to complete the line north of Willits into Southern Humboldt County, and drove a mail/stage coach. She raised their four daughters and ran their ranch on her family's homestead (see my poem 'It May Not Seem Fair') .

The rest of my life? You wouldn't believe it if I had the time to tell you.

I have had a few of my poems and prose essays published. ('North Bay Bohemian online 06-04-08 and 04-22-09 'OPEN MIC.') Two of my short stories ('A Short Leap' JULY 2008 AND 'Fragments of the News, ' JANUARY 2009 in and one of my poems, 'What Stage Is He On? March 2009) Most of my poems are fictional constructs. Some are autobiographical: e.g.'DETOUR' and 'Learning To Run Errands.' The rest? It's up to you to figure out.

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