Tom J. Mariani

Rookie (January 1948 / San Francisco, CA)

Tom J. Mariani Poems

41. Barry Bonds Indicted-More News At 11 And Ad. Inf. 11/15/2007
42. Steroids Era And The Mitchell Report 12/14/2007
43. The Cheese Stands Alone 8/19/2008
44. Where Are They Now? 11/10/2012
45. Time For Thanks And Giving 11/19/2012
46. What I Miss 11/19/2012
47. Legs 11/19/2012
48. Send In The Clowns 11/20/2012
49. One Way In - No Way Out 11/28/2012
50. Possible Suspect 12/5/2012
51. Somehing Between Us 1/3/2013
52. Burdened 3/31/2013
53. Just A Few Things I Don'T Like About Writing Poetry 11/12/2007
54. It May Not Seem Fair 11/12/2007
55. What Have They Done To The San Francisco Bay? 11/12/2007
56. Surprise Before Christmas 11/13/2007
57. Two Found Poems In 'For Whom The Bell Tolls' 10/16/2007
58. Norman Mailer 1-31-23 To 11-10-07 11/11/2007
59. In His Day 11/13/2007
60. Is It Only In California? 11/24/2007
61. A Striking Pose 10/27/2007
62. Thank God You Don'T Have To Be An Ophthalmologist To Write Poetry 10/15/2007
63. 2008: We Don'T Have All The Answers 3/13/2008
64. Soccer: My Best Foot Too Far Forward 11/2/2007
65. Evel Knievel' S Last Ride 11/30/2007
66. Can You Hook Me Up? 12/3/2007
67. This Is No Fish Story 11/27/2007
68. Christmas Lesson 2008 12/6/2007
69. Sights And Sounds Of Christmas 12/6/2007
70. Coffee Choices Taken For Granted 12/29/2007
71. Spent My Youth In An Alley 11/16/2007
72. Thank God For Horses That Talk To Me 11/17/2007
73. No Mandatory Rhymes Or Reason 11/6/2007
74. First Trip To The Ranch 11/9/2007
75. Thought Frost Could Not Surprise Me 11/14/2007
76. Working Out Of A Corner Office 10/29/2007
77. Like Shooting Stars 11/4/2007
78. Einstein Before His Was Einstein 10/15/2007
79. Crowded 10/5/2007
80. The Lamp 10/5/2007
Best Poem of Tom J. Mariani

1968 Talking About The Revolution

I took off my glasses
that I might see
I took off my shoes
that I might be

The one I was in search of
The one I never had
The one that by finding
I would be so glad

I took off my watch
so I wouldn't know the time
I took off to nature
hoping to find the sign

The one I was in search of
The one I never had
The one that by finding
I would be so glad

I started to take of my clothes
I thought the last distraction
Then luckily I realized - - -
This is just a poem- - - an abstraction

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Frost covers fallen bridges,
As it does the ones that stand.
The whiteness settles overywhere.
It's gone when I touch your hand.

The morning is when we see the frost,
Yet we know it came the night before.
I've been awake, still it has come;
Quiet and cold to our locked door.

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