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521. Faith, Love & Patriots 3/12/2014
522. Blessed Are Those Who Comfort 3/7/2014
523. How Blessed I'Ve Been 3/7/2014
524. Our Relationship With God 3/16/2014
525. Joy, Happiness & Love 3/19/2014
526. Sacrifice, Love & Purpose 3/13/2014
527. Take A Look At = Tom Zart Youtubes = Most Published Poet! 3/23/2014
528. Fort Hood Tears & Sorrow = 2014 4/3/2014
529. Everyone Needs A Partner 4/4/2014
530. The Door To Our Heart 4/6/2014
531. God’s Divine Choice 4/10/2014
532. Easter Poem 4/11/2014
533. Heaven’s Poet 4/13/2014
534. The Passion Of Our Purpose 4/15/2014
535. Love, Disciple & Fulfill 4/17/2014
536. Succeed, Love, Follow, Trust & Fulfill 4/18/2014
537. Tom Zart’s Christian Quotes Of Love 4/21/2014
538. Love, Tears, Sorrow & Tomorrow 4/24/2014
539. Miracles Outside & In 4/30/2014
540. Deliverance 5/1/2014
541. Passion, Faith, Wisdom & Love 5/3/2014
542. God Blesses Us So We Can Bless Others 5/4/2014
543. My Angel Of Love 5/6/2014
544. Souls Who Thirst 5/6/2014
545. Our Heart, Mind & Soul 5/9/2014
546. God’s Role In Our Life 5/12/2014
547. Divine Purpose 5/13/2014
548. Fear, Hate Selfishness, Jealousy & Grief 5/14/2014
549. How Blessed I'Ve Been 5/15/2014
550. Abraham Lincoln 1/22/2014
551. God Is The Author Of Our Faith 5/16/2014
552. Identify, Justify & Choose 5/20/2014
553. Those Who Believe 5/23/2014
554. The Doors Of Life 5/24/2014
555. Conviction 5/29/2014
556. When Your Purpose Is Divine! 6/3/2014
557. Mark Zuckerberg = The Poet Of Love 6/4/2014
558. Tom Zart God's Poet Of Love 6/4/2014
559. Preach The Grace Of God 6/6/2014
560. Without Hesitation Or Dispair 6/8/2014

Comments about Tom Zart

  • Tom Zart (5/31/2016 11:39:00 AM)

    The prize jewels of any nation
    Are the philosophers of the heart.
    How they think is universal
    For its God who makes them so smart.

    Most poets tell the truth of life
    Though they may wrap it in beauty.
    It's their passion, not their purpose
    To compose is but their duty.

    Poets have no reason to lie
    When the truth is always so clear.
    All that others say and do
    Is but food for the poet's ear.

    One merit of a poet's work
    Which most cannot deny.
    They say more and in fewer words
    To illuminate you and I.

    God sent His poets down to Earth
    With words of wisdom and of worth.
    That they might touch the souls of men
    And bring them back to Him again.

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    By God’s Poet
    Tom Zart
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  • Tom Zart (2/22/2016 9:56:00 PM)

    The powers of darkness still thrive today
    As much as anytime in the past.
    Babies grow up to become kind or cruel
    Judged by God’s wisdom and love to the last.

    The outcomes of God’s heroes of the Bible
    Relate to our victories, fear, heartbreak and mistake.
    Passions of joy, love, guilt, failure and evil deeds
    Teach us to conform, repent, pray and relate.

    God loves all from conception till death
    Regardless of what we may develop to be.
    All are wicked, some worse than others
    As we think, feel, connect, post, behave and see.

    Evil seeks to destroy the good in man
    And silence the memory of God’s law.
    It’s up to the faithful to stay unyielding
    Defending the liberty and justice of all.

    Our men and woman who serve in harm’s way
    Are the armor of what the free world depends on.
    Without their sacrifice of body and soul
    All that we stand for is gone.

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    By God's Poet
    Tom Zart
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  • Tom Zart (12/2/2015 10:09:00 AM)

    If it wasn’t for faith we would never know peace
    If it wasn’t for trust our blessings would cease.
    If it wasn’t for God both night and day
    Perceive the price our country would pay?

    Washington, Lincoln and multitudes since then
    Prayed on their knees for family and friend.
    Answers from heaven always help us begin
    To observe God’s word, love and defend.

    Why must we seek God’s wisdom and will
    Why must our deeds teach and fulfill?
    There’s a reason humans are able to cry
    A river of tears before they die.

    When passion rules from head to toe
    The Lord foretells the right path to go.
    Always remember who created it all
    Always stay ready to heed His call.

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    By God’s Poet
    Tom Zart
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  • Tom Zart (11/7/2015 9:26:00 AM)

    I’m God’s most published poet
    Whose poems have meter and rhyme.
    Stories of love, faith, hate, honor and duty,
    Obedience, war, heroes, history and crime.

    I’ve performed my gift on TV. and radio
    Before millions I’ve never met.
    Preached my praise of God and country
    With 1,065 poems on the net.

    Satan’s soldiers, shepherds and bards
    Spew forth their foulness and grief.
    They attack the joy and goodness of man
    Dishonoring life, family, country and belief.

    Prospering through work, love and conviction
    Enables us to remain whole and how we should be.
    Fortifying our soul with fulfillment of faith
    Let’s our worst tribulations be shouldered by Thee.

    Moses, Samson, David, Solomon and Jonah
    All failed God in their own human way.
    He chose to forgive them and bless their powers
    So they might dwell in hearts of man today.

    Without God’s grace, wisdom and glorious domain
    There’s no doubt all would soon cease to survive.
    Through purpose, morals and Christian conviction
    We are able to transform and keep goodness alive.

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    By God’s Poet
    Tom Zart
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  • Tom Zart (10/9/2015 7:33:00 AM)


    The world has its givers and those on the take
    Nothing hurts worse than when loves a mistake.
    Subsisting alone isn’t living at all
    All of us need someone who waits for our call.

    Lovers like flowers pollinate, blossom and bloom
    You can tell who loves who as they enter the room.
    Our purpose of life is to protect, learn and forgive
    The more we serve others the better we live.

    Just as our babies from birth and evermore
    We can’t help but love them as they crawl the floor.
    Someday they’ll be grown and go their own way
    Till then and after for them we must pray.

    Down through the history of humans on Earth
    The way we treat others foretells our worth.
    The outcomes of life be they joyful or sad
    Teach us to be thankful, grateful and glad.

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    Tom Zart
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  • Allotey Abossey (5/11/2015 9:01:00 AM)

    Excellent diction... Beautiful faith

Best Poem of Tom Zart

' Seeking God '

God desires us to faithfully love and seek Him out
To pray and discover His Divine Will.
The wicked and the selfish never find God
For they depend on self to provide and fulfill.

'Those who diligently seek me will find me.'
For God is just and only does what's right.
He blesses us despite our sins of the past
As we seek His forgiveness by day or night.

God controls everything we love, need and desire
He cares too much to let us get away with sin.
We must live our lives in total submission
And by watching His works, we begin!

Read the full of ' Seeking God '

Victory Over Wrong! ! !

Good and evil have fought since day one
Long before Earth's weapons of steel.
Humans must choose whom they'll follow
Depending before who they kneel.

The darts of hate upon the winds
Can impale us at any time.
Yet we who serve that which is right
Swarm forth to the battle line.

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