Tomiwa Latunde

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Biography of Tomiwa Latunde

Tomiwa Latunde Titus, popularly
known as TommyT or St. titus hailed
from ancient city, Ile-Ife. He was born
to the family of five. Being the fourth
born, he was able to use what he
learnt from his brothers and friends to making the best options. Tommyt is a
rap artist and sings RnB on rare
occasions. He attended Oladimeji
Preparatory school for primarys and
latter went to Ambassadors college
where he got his Wassce with an outstanding distinction and wonders.
Back in colleges, he was thought to
be rude, rascal and as quoted from his
class teacher 'good for nothing', but
as it goes, that good for nothing boy
in those days, that little rascal that had been tongue-lashed by people who
had prejudged him is now pulling the
waves outrageously. In present times,
Tommyt is looking bright and aiming
more brightness as he is regarded as
one of the upgrowing artist; as a poet, novelist, musician and even dramatist
(Thespian) . Tommyt owes more to
God, friends, family and enemies who
have given him the best of
inspirations to reaching higher
heights. He is presently an undergraduate at the department of
English, O.A.U. His favourable quote is
'omne sunt bene', meaning All is well. Updates

My First Days In America

It was a hot night after taken tush Amala
And chilling under the flabby Mango tree
At the time air breathes it best
And the cloud smiles most
Lying on my grandma cushion
Looking worn and eased
But after a long counted seconds
I tend to be in winter
Seated at the lobby of White house

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