Tommy Laster

Rookie - 66 Points (Feb 7 1988 / Born In Thomasville Ga Current City: Adel Ga)

Biography of Tommy Laster

A Poets Knowledge is too strive to be the best no matter who he or she is, what I love about poetry is you can express your mind fiction and no fiction, you can take your English Version and translate them to Spanish or any other country language by using Google translate, Poetry is a act of everyday life actions taking into account by Placing them on paper, for me poetry is a way to escape everyday life things and interact with everyday people, I'm bipolar and Recieve a check but it doesn't counter act my doing of poetry because I make no money at it so I do poetry for free to express my true feelings about this world and this life we live in.

My Personal History (Well) :

Born on February 7,1988
Moved to Adel, Georgia
Started School at CHS (COOK COUNTY HIGH)
Moved to Albany, Georgia
Moved to Lakeland, Georgia
First First Christmas Card
Certificate Of Completion
Moved to Lakeland Ga.
Pre-Court Trial/Court Trial Notice
New Beginning Church Letter
Eber & Wein Publishing
Moved to Adel, Georgia
Toy Story 3 (Movie)
Moved to Adel, Georgia
Overcame Chest Pain
First Valentines Day Card
Mark Zirkle (Tire Changer & Wood Buster)
Council Meeting
First met Gregory Lamar Paige
Harveys (Food Shoping)
First Vote
4th Of July
City Of Adel Council Meeting (Preliminary Agenda)

2005 to 2007
Mr. Judge was like a helpful teacher more then others it was a class where I had a choice to go ahead do my homework so I wouldn't have to do it at home And I was able to get some of the work that I was failing at from the classes & do that work in his room so I could get direct help from a teacher & not a back of a chalk board or hand booklet....& when we did the best we could he was the only teacher who let us do a christmas party, or anykind holiday party at his house...(All in due respect of the holiday & Good Grades: A Non Drug Party) that was incase you got some people saying you shouldn't do partys at a teacher house....after all anthony judge was a good person & a good teacher And I salute you for that...This Has Been A FizTzle (Tommy) statemeant...this was not tooking from anybody & Made a change copy this is from me...

'Learn From The Best Not The Rest'

K.T. Oslin
Tay Dizm
Gods Promises
Michael Jackson Updates

Job Interview

Boss lady: Tommy you got Id? ,
Tommyizzle: Hold on let me check,
Boss lady: Now I know you new,
Tommyizzle: What you mean new?
Boss lady: New at job hunting,
Tommyizzle: Now hold up (Never New) !
Boss lady: Tell you what,
Tommyizzle: What?
Boss lady: Will let you have a job,

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