Toni Bellanger

Rookie (6/7/87 / Detroit, MI)

Biography of Toni Bellanger

I don't think of myself as a writer, and in school I wasn't very good at it. I started this because I had things I wanted to tell my boyfriend that he didn't want to hear. We're still together, and things are fine. I love him very much, and he wouldn't be with me if he didn't want to be. But, for whatever reason, he doesn't love me, yet. And he doesn't like me to tell him how I feel, even though he already knows. I tried to get him to read the poems, but he said they scare him. He also thinks it's 'wierd' that they're all about him. He's supportive of my hobby, he just thinks I should write about something else. So, instead of sharing my most private feelings with him, I'm sharing them with everyone else. Updates

Can I...?

Can I call just to tell you I love you? Will you say anything back?

Can I see you even though it's late? Will you come to fulfill my desire?

Can I read you the poems I wrote you? Will you listen to them?

Can I kiss your beautiful hands? Will you let me without hesitating?

Can I hold you in my arms? Will you find comfort there?

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