Tony Angelo

Biography of Tony Angelo

Mr. Angelo lives in PA with his wife and step daughter He has worked in the counseling field of children and women for over 2truly hopes to do well in their lives5 years in various settings. He has found that everyone their short comings have weighed them down to a point of no return.

Hopefully discovering how to deal with others through laughter, humility, and understanding will allow you to feel empathy for others. There are many different backgrounds and identities that I have learned to embrace, simply with compassion and dignity. Is to reach back and “pay it forward”

Tony Angelo's Works:

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“These words, these words” ring out in my mind.
I used to hear it all the time.
Hurtful things people say, never seem to go away.
I remember this one time, all the pain is blocked out in my mind.
Someone walked up to me and said,
“Hey nigger, get out of here or you’re dead.”
I wasn’t frightened by him alone, I was more afraid of how his heart was made of stone.

He never cared about how I might feel, or how all the things that word could take from me! But I looked him in the eye and I

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