Tony Angelo

Biography of Tony Angelo

Mr. Angelo lives in PA with his wife and step daughter He has worked in the counseling field of children and women for over 2truly hopes to do well in their lives5 years in various settings. He has found that everyone their short comings have weighed them down to a point of no return.

Hopefully discovering how to deal with others through laughter, humility, and understanding will allow you to feel empathy for others. There are many different backgrounds and identities that I have learned to embrace, simply with compassion and dignity. Is to reach back and “pay it forward”

Tony Angelo's Works:

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All alone with no control over my life Feeling Pain, sensing danger Only on basic urges and emotion, I exist Tossing, turning, in my ever-growing sleep Crying out everyday to ears unheard Growing each and everyday in experiences I observe
Nurtured and strengthened by each new move I make Cramped and discomforted by the bed irresponsibility makes day to day tests in my life change Walking by me, people never have the chance to see me I am the child never born, I am abortion

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