Tony Avila Sampson

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  • '''Life is one big head trip'''
    Tony Avila Sampson
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  • '''A tree is known by the kind of fruit it bears; a man by the kind of his deeds. A forest is known by its trees and location; a community, organization, or entity by its location and deeds. Know the deeds; Behold the kind at that location. Without the use of a disguise, that kind may be recognized elsewhere. Does it look Eyptian? Where is it Oriental? How is it African? What makes it Arabian? Can it be Russian? But mixed, it may be American.'
    Tony Avila Sampson''
    Like different kinds of trees, there are different kinds of people.
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Whistling Tires

When I bent and reached there down,

The tire made a hissing sound;

I made a puncture with each blow,  

Released the air and let it flow;

Now look who got that simple gift,

Some flat tires, did so swift;

See the car I'm standing near?

Has whistling tires that I hear!

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