Tony Hanes

Rookie (Winston-Salem, North Carolina.)

Biography of Tony Hanes

Anthony Chavon Hanes' (born July 14,1975) is an American writer/poet from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Tony 'Anthony' was first published in a 1998 Anthology titled Guided Voices and has since released two books of his own. An Abstract World Vol.1 A Series of Short Poems (2006) and An Abstract World Vol.2 Emotions (2007) both consist of short stories, poetry, and haiku. Hanes as been noted as being a very diverse writer who touches a variety of topics such as Religion, Love, Social Issues, Erotica, and History. An Abstract World Vol.3 (summer 2008) The Voice of Reason was later combined with An Abstract World Vol.4 The Enlightenment according to blogs on Facebook and Myspace communities. A rough draft version has been circulating on line. December 25,2009 is the scheduled release date for The Enlightenment.

Writing influences: Anthony Hanes has been cited during online interviews and bloggings that Robert Frost, Dante Alighieri, Langston Hughes, William Shakespeare, Nikki Giovanni, and other members of the Dead Poets Society and Harlem Renaissance influence him most in regard to literature. Anthony Hanes is also known to be musically influenced by Sade, Marvin Gaye, Tupac Shakur, Pat Benatar, Prince, Hall & Oates, Miles Davis, Nas, and Rakim.

Tony Hanes's Works:

2006: An Abstract World Vol.1 A Series of Short Poems (Self)
2007: An Abstract World Vol.2 Emotions (Self) *Author House (amazon etc..)
2008: An Abstract World Vol.3 The Voice of Reason
2009: An Abstract World Vol.4 The Enlightenment (Self) Updates

'Love Is A Battlefield'

As the loud yells shot through each ear,
I wondered would I run out of ammunition.
The opposite of elation.
Gravitation now the figment of the imagination.
Each side is so resistant.
At one point we were so persistent.
Now we stand opposite of kinship.
The soldiers approached with vengeance.

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