Tony Jennett

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Biography of Tony Jennett

Teacher for 15years 'til they realised I was so useless they kicked me upstairs and made me an adviser
The Hills and the Sea are in my blood My favourite quotation: - It's Better to keep your mouth shut and appear a fool than to open it and remove all doubt Updates


Not Poets, please! I beg. That's far too grand for us
Not Wordsmiths, though that is within our radius.
Tinkers rather, for we take word coins and rub them in the dirt
And shine them with its earthy power to make them bright and pert
And solder them together in ways not done before
So each one strikes another's fire and they all glow the more;
And sometimes hammer them a bit (but gently! hand of mine)
And drill and dress each syllable and push it into line.
But, so the whole should ne

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