Tony Jennett

Rookie (240829 / Leicester UK)

Biography of Tony Jennett

Teacher for 15years 'til they realised I was so useless they kicked me upstairs and made me an adviser
The Hills and the Sea are in my blood My favourite quotation: - It's Better to keep your mouth shut and appear a fool than to open it and remove all doubt Updates


You're the silver flash of salmon in the limpid mountain stream,
Will o' the Wisp in moonlight, snatch of birdsong in the dawn.
You're the Houri-song that lingers from a half-remembered dream
And the bowel stirring flutter of a baby yet unborn.

You're the quiet plash of wavelets on a steep-shelved shingle beach:
Crooning dirge and lilting cadence of a goblin's lullaby,
Siren-music throbbing passion, but forever out of reach.
You're the quintessence of joyful tears which burn behind

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