Tony Jolley

Rookie (17th June 1958 / England)

Biography of Tony Jolley

I'm a University Lecturer who loves teaching, but who is beginning to find that the yen to write from the heart for a non-academic readership is more important than to write from the head for a narrow academic audience of cognoscenti. That said, I have started my own business in France: 'Tonyversity' ( doing management and English coaching for business people and finessing of English translations. Am presently building a personal poetry website called 'Tonyverses' ( but it is slow work!

I used to play guitar and write music in my early years and had, until recently, thought that the muse of my youth was lost to me. She isn't. She took me by the hand and led me home to a place where there is no barrier between the heart and the page anymore.

I no longer have an office. It has become a study, a library, a haven where small miracles happen every day between nib and nap.

Oh, and did I mention... at long, long last, I love and am truly loved.

Tony Jolley's Works:

Let the Dust Wait (2004)
The Light of The Shade (2006) Forward Press [me plus 9 other poets in an anthology] Updates

Your Cloudy Day

Do you know how much I want you on those cloudy days?
Want to be there?
Need to be there?

This is part of my being:
I am built to be like this,
Built for you,
To want to be there to be 'me' to your unspoken need,
For, miracle of miracles,

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