Tony Jolley Poems

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Neither Here Nor There

'They've all gone….'


The Silica And The Sand

From beyond the multi-cultural throng
Weaving and waddling its ponderous way past
Like some monstrous, badly-dressed, be-sunglassed millipede,
Its middle hunched and bunched up,

X-Station-Box Generation

A not-yet-out-of-nine year-old
Gleefully decapitating countless passers-by
In a frenzied orgy of Samurai sword slashing
Just to revel in how the dark lifeblood

Obama And Cleopatra

Saw you when I least expected to:
There in the front row of Obama’s election celebrations,
Your face full of exultation and expectation,
Cheering and waving

Still There

She’s still there, thirty years on,
Smiling and glinting from the mother o’ pearl fretboard inlays
Of my 21st birthday Ibanez Vintage acoustic guitar:
Though gone twenty-five summer seasons now - my mum.

Autumn Crowds For A Second Coming

They'd been waiting, moments, minutes or hours
After their air-borne journey down.
Dressed in their finery:
Every conceivable shade, fashionable and seasonal:

Nine Years On

Bought a bottle from our local supermarket –
They were clearing their cellar
Of the odds and sods forgotten and forsaken
At the bottom of their bins.

Found In Translation

After a while you don't think about it anymore:
Don't translate,
Don't worry,
Don't try.

The Armchair Of Inevitability

Sometimes it used to get me like that:
Hung me up,
Wrung me out,
Seemed to stop me doing what I knew I should

Forgot The Dog Food

There was the not wanting to get up, for a start:
The insufferably-insistent, banshee-wail of the alarm
Slicing its shrill through my sleep like a searing hot knife through butter;
The vague, dull awareness of there having been a dream,