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Tony Mushrow Poems

1. Playground. 10/13/2013
2. Birdsong 10/13/2013
3. Cat (Killed By The Side Of The Rd) 10/13/2013
4. Mum (I Can Remember) 10/13/2013
5. My Vampire Brother. 10/13/2013
6. My Walk To Work 10/13/2013
7. My Morning Canal Walk 10/13/2013
8. Stephen. 10/13/2013
9. The Boston Bomber. 10/13/2013
10. Our Love 10/13/2013
11. My Goldfish Frank 10/13/2013
12. The Old Oak Tree At The Abbey. 10/13/2013
13. Vixen 10/13/2013
14. A Hug 3/8/2015
15. Half Written Poems. 3/8/2015
16. Moon 3/8/2015
17. The New Moon. 3/8/2015
18. Versuvio 3/8/2015
19. I Killed You With A Text.. 10/13/2013
20. Facebook Slave 10/13/2013
21. Fire 3/8/2015
22. I Would Bring You The Sun 3/8/2015
23. The Haunter 3/8/2015
24. Who Is That In The Mirror 3/8/2015
25. I Swallowed A Fly 10/13/2013
26. You By The Path 10/13/2013
27. The Ring 3/8/2015
28. Colluseum 3/8/2015
29. The Hanging Tree 3/8/2015
30. An Ode To A Snail 10/13/2013
31. An Ode To A Spider. 10/13/2013
32. The Empty Chair 10/13/2013
Best Poem of Tony Mushrow

The Empty Chair

The empty chair reminds me of how cruel life can be.
The empty chair reminds me of how joyous life once was.
It reminds me of how life once tasted sweet.
And how it can become so bitter.
The empty chair echo’s sounds of laughter,
The empty chair reminds me of how laughter can turn to ashes in your mouth.
It reminds me of when I asked for a flower and you gave me a garden.
It reminds me that there is another star in the heavens.
The empty chair says goodbye again and again and again.
The empty chair remind me, how life never gives it merely lends.
It reminds of ...

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Bird song, to the left,
they whistle, chirp, call and babble.
To the right, they coo, cluck and chatter,
…………………..what a feathered rabble.
All up early in a full-throated chorus,
and proud breasted best.

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