Tony Ogunlowo

Tony Ogunlowo Poems

1. The Cry Of The Unborn 8/22/2006
2. On The Road To Baghdad 6/30/2008
3. A Suicide Bomber Looks Back 3/22/2010
4. General W Bush 9/13/2010
5. Libya, Here We Come! 7/20/2011
6. The Dying High Stret 6/12/2012
7. The Black Pimpernel 2/14/2013
8. Pidgin Prose: Even Di Gods Don Forget Us! 8/23/2013
9. Catch Me If You Can! 11/13/2013
10. Pidgin Prose: When Bible Big Pass Juju! 11/17/2013
11. The Dying Of Detroit 1/14/2014
12. The Odyssey Of The Magi 1/14/2014
13. And When Did You Last See Your Father? 3/4/2014
14. Pardon Me Prime Minister! 3/4/2014
15. The Clan 3/10/2014
16. The Power Of One 5/11/2014
17. Iraq 2014 8/30/2014
18. I Look Up Into The Night Sky 10/20/2014
19. The Bounty 7/20/2015
20. The Second Coming 12/13/2015
21. The Rape Child 7/7/2014
22. Our Lords Prayer In Pidgin Prose 10/25/2013
23. When Oil Spills 6/10/2010
Best Poem of Tony Ogunlowo

When Oil Spills

An explosion
a rupture
....oil spills

Like the Rivers Of Hades
the black sludge spreads forth
consuming all in its path.

Our marine animal friends
are smothered and die,
even birds
can't lift their oil-clogged
and fly away.

Our once golden beaches
become black murky bogs
reeking of death and dsetruction
inaccessible to eveyone.

Fishermen have had to
hang up their nets
and hope and pray
the waters will become
clear again
and they can
push out their boats
and fish again.

And when oil ...

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The Cry Of The Unborn

I forsee my birth
in many, many years to come
as a passage into a world
plagued with hatred and greed.

My tender lungs
not yet breathing
can already smell
the stench of the polluted air.

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