Tony Stadick

Rookie (4/26/87 / Indianapolis)

Biography of Tony Stadick

Their really isn't much to tell. I'm just like everyone else in this world... scraping by with what I can get. Still try to find time to do what I want and like, and somehow find a way to record it with pen and paper. I spend everyday all day on what I like to call auto-pilot. My life is like clockwork, and the only thing that keeps me going is the fact that my mind just won't shutup. Their is so many things in this world that I see everyday that I feel I must comment about. I do my best in expressing what I see with a little artistic point of view. It truly is amazing what an imagination and a good thesaurus can come up with. Not sure what else to put at this point, let me ponder and I'll be back. Updates

Name Of The Game

Somehow I pictured us growing old together,
Hand in Hand we'd float down feeling light as a feather,
All the while are grasp getting tighter, little more constricting,

Meanwhile the words you use, so contradicting,
Inflicting my decision on what I thought I heard you say,
Asked to speak again, although you speak a different way,

Never the same twice seems to be the story of my life,

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