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  • 1.
    The Animal State (Imagery, Allegory And Satire)

    No earthquake, no thunder, no volcanic eruption
    Or even there was not any of other natural calamities,
    A sudden loud sound broke out all through the bush
    With whizzing, shuddering, cracking, tearing, echoing, read more »

    Muzahidul Reza
  • 2.
    Like An Animal

    Behind the smooth texture
    Of my eyes, way inside me,
    A part of me has died:
    I move my bloody fingernails read more »

    Jimmy Santiago Baca
  • 3.
    How Shall My Animal

    How shall my animal
    Whose wizard shape I trace in the cavernous skull,
    Vessel of abscesses and exultation's shell,
    Endure burial under the spelling wall, read more »

    Dylan Thomas
  • 4.
    Animal Tranquillity And Decay

    The little hedgerow birds,
    That peck along the roads, regard him not.
    He travels on, and in his face, his step,
    His gait, is one expression: every limb, read more »

    William Wordsworth
  • 5.
    O Love, Sweet Animal

    O Love, dark animal,
    With your strangeness go
    Like any freak or clown:
    Appease tee child in her read more »

    Delmore Schwartz
  • 6.
    Animal Cansado

    Quiero un amor feroz de garra y diente
    Que me asalte a traición a pleno día
    Y que sofoque esta soberbia mía
    este orgullo de ser todo pudiente. read more »

    Alfonsina Storni
  • 7.
    The Animal In Me

    Is it legal for me
    To call myself an animal?
    Whilst human is what I try to be read more »

    Sylvia Chidi
  • 8.
    ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Hello And Welcome To Name That Animal! '

    All the animals
    trundle by

    on a conveyor belt. read more »

    Dónall Dempsey
  • 9.
    Animal Crackers

    Animal crackers and cocoa to drink,
    That is the finest of suppers I think;
    When I'm grown up and can have what I please read more »

    Christopher Morley
  • 10.
    Animal Spirit

    I wish there was a cat in me
    Giving love like a huge favour read more »

    Tanja Bulovic
  • 11.
    Goddess Of Animal Crackers

    A passion which refused to ache,
    I found her shadow,
    with all of its colors,
    beneath my pillow. read more »

    David Kowalczyk
  • 12.
    Animal Riddle Rhymes For Animal Lovers

    (Remember each plus+ prefixed line describes a diffrent animal. Try naming each different animal in the riddle. I've done these types of riddles on other sites and poets have so enjoyed doing them. So try solving and after sufficient answer attempts by diffrent poets I'll announce the 1st 3 winners along with my answers.) ok try it.)

    +Hooks and hangs itself prehensile style
    +Paves the path with sticky glue slime read more »

    s.zaynab kamoonpuri
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