Top 100 Poems About: BABY

In this page, poems on / about “baby” are listed.
  • 1.
    Baby Picture

    It's in the heart of the grape
    where that smile lies.
    It's in the good-bye-bow in the hair
    where that smile lies. read more »

    Anne Sexton
  • 2.
    Little Brown Baby

    Little brown baby wif spa'klin' eyes,
    Come to yo' pappy an' set on his knee.
    What you been doin', suh -- makin' san' pies?
    Look at dat bib -- you's es du'ty ez me. read more »

    Paul Laurence Dunbar
  • 3.
    A Baby In The House

    I knew that a baby was hid in that house,
    Though I saw no cradle and heard no cry;
    But the husband was tip-toeing 'round like a mouse,
    And the good wife was humming a soft lullaby; read more »

    Ella Wheeler Wilcox
  • 4.
    Baby Mine

    Baby sweet, baby mine,
    King of Kings, so sublime,
    Born for us on Christmas Day,
    Master of all that you'll survey. read more »

    Ernestine Northover
  • 5.
    The Lost Baby Poem

    the time i dropped your almost body down
    down to meet the waters under the city
    and run one with the sewage to the sea
    what did i know about waters rushing back read more »

    Lucille Clifton
  • 6.
    ! Baby Love, Maybe Love

    so there you are in
    your pram or kiddikarria
    nicely tucked up,
    being talked to in that read more »

    Michael Shepherd
  • 7.
    Baby Charley.

    He's fast asleep. See how, O Wife,
    Night's finger on the lip of life
    Bids whist the tongue, so prattle-rife,
    Of busy Baby Charley. read more »

    Sidney Lanier
  • 8.
    (013) My Baby Cousin (Lovely Zaara)

    She looks straight into my brown eyes
    And creeps so very near
    She pulls my hair so very hard
    That I say 'oh my dear! ' read more »

    Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)
  • 9.
    (022) Waiting For The Baby

    We are waiting for the baby
    To smile its sweet smiles
    We are waiting for the baby
    To touch the nursery tiles read more »

    Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)
  • 10.
    A Baby Asleep After Pain

    As a drenched, drowned bee
    Hangs numb and heavy from a bending flower,
    So clings to me
    My baby, her brown hair brushed with wet tears read more »

    David Herbert Lawrence
  • 11.
    Sweet Baby

    Baby, sweet baby, with tears in your eyes
    Rest your head gently, there's no need to cry,
    Come let me sing you a soft lullaby
    The sandman is coming and dreamland is nigh; read more »

    Linda Ori
  • 12.
    His Wife And Baby

    In the lone place of the leaves,
    Where they touch the hanging eaves,
    There sprang a spray of joyous song that sounded sweet and sturdy;
    And the baby in the bed read more »

    Isabella Valancy Crawford
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