Top 100 Poems About: BALLAD

In this page, poems on / about “ballad” are listed.
  • 1.
    Bridal Ballad

    The ring is on my hand,
    And the wreath is on my brow;
    Satin and jewels grand
    Are all at my command, read more »

    Edgar Allan Poe
  • 2.
    The Ballad Of Reading Gaol

    He did not wear his scarlet coat,
    For blood and wine are red,
    And blood and wine were on his hands
    When they found him with the dead,
    The poor dead woman whom he loved,
    And murdered in her bed. read more »

    Oscar Wilde
  • 3.
    A Ballad Of Dreamland

    I hid my heart in a nest of roses,
    Out of the sun's way, hidden apart;
    In a softer bed than the soft white snow's is,
    Under the roses I hid my heart. read more »

    Algernon Charles Swinburne
  • 4.
    A Ballad Of Gentleness

    The firste stock-father of gentleness,
    What man desireth gentle for to be,
    Must follow his trace, and all his wittes dress,
    Virtue to love, and vices for to flee; read more »

    Geoffrey Chaucer
  • 5.
    The Ballad Of Rudolph Reed

    Rudolph Reed was oaken.
    His wife was oaken too.
    And his two good girls and his good little man
    Oakened as they grew. read more »

    Gwendolyn Brooks
  • 6.
    A Ballad Of Death

    Kneel down, fair Love, and fill thyself with tears,
    Girdle thyself with sighing for a girth
    Upon the sides of mirth,
    Cover thy lips and eyelids, let thine ears read more »

    Algernon Charles Swinburne
  • 7.
    Ballad Of The Moon

    translated by Will Kirkland

    The moon came into the forge
    in her bustle of flowering nard. read more »

    Federico García Lorca
  • 8.
    The Sonnet-Ballad

    Oh mother, mother, where is happiness?
    They took my lover's tallness off to war,
    Left me lamenting. Now I cannot guess
    What I can use an empty heart-cup for. read more »

    Gwendolyn Brooks
  • 9.
    Ballad Of The Long-Legged Bait

    The bows glided down, and the coast
    Blackened with birds took a last look
    At his thrashing hair and whale-blue eye;
    The trodden town rang its cobbles for luck. read more »

    Dylan Thomas
  • 10.
    To -- -- --. Ulalume: A Ballad

    The skies they were ashen and sober;
    The leaves they were crisped and sere-
    The leaves they were withering and sere;
    It was night in the lonesome October read more »

    Edgar Allan Poe
  • 11.
    A Ballad Of The Two Knights

    Two knights rode forth at early dawn
    A-seeking maids to wed,
    Said one, "My lady must be fair,
    With gold hair on her head." read more »

    Sara Teasdale
  • 12.
    An Eastern Ballad

    I speak of love that comes to mind:
    The moon is faithful, although blind;
    She moves in thought she cannot speak.
    Perfect care has made her bleak. read more »

    Allen Ginsberg
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