Top 100 Poems About: BEACH

In this page, poems on / about “beach” are listed.
  • 1.
    Dover Beach

    The sea is calm to-night.
    The tide is full, the moon lies fair
    Upon the straits; - on the French coast the light
    Gleams and is gone; the cliffs of England stand, read more »

    Matthew Arnold
  • 2.
    On The Beach At Night

    ON the beach, at night,
    Stands a child, with her father,
    Watching the east, the autumn sky. read more »

    Walt Whitman
  • 3.
    Evening On Calais Beach

    IT is a beauteous evening, calm and free,
       The holy time is quiet as a Nun
       Breathless with adoration; the broad sun
    Is sinking down in its tranquillity; read more »

    William Wordsworth
  • 4.
    Beach Burial

    Softly and humbly to the Gulf of Arabs
    The convoys of dead sailors come;
    At night they sway and wander in the waters far under, read more »

    Kenneth Slessor
  • 5.
    With Kit, Age 7, At The Beach

    We would climb the highest dune,
    from there to gaze and come down:
    the ocean was performing;
    we contributed our climb. read more »

    William Stafford
  • 6.
    Down To The Beach

    Down to the beach
    Down to the beach
    On a sunny day we go read more »

    Lovina Sylvia Chidi
  • 7.
    I Saw From The Beach

    I saw from the beach, when the morning was shining,
    A bark o'er the waters move gloriously on;
    I came when the sun o'er that beach was declining,
    The bark was still there, but the waters were gone. read more »

    Thomas Moore
  • 8.
    On The Beach At Night, Alone

    ON the beach at night alone,
    As the old mother sways her to and fro, singing her husky song,
    As I watch the bright stars shining--I think a thought of the clef of read more »

    Walt Whitman
  • 9.
    Show It At The Beach

    Oh they won't let us show it at the beach no they won't let us show it at the beach
    They think we're gonna grab it if it gets within our reach read more »

    Shel Silverstein
  • 10.
    The Beach

    Louder than gulls the little children scream
    Whom fathers haul into the jovial foam;
    But others fearlessly rush in, breast high,
    Laughing the salty water from their mouthes- read more »

    Robert Graves
  • 11.
    Beach Glass

    While you walk the water's edge,
    turning over concepts
    I can't envision, the honking buoy
    serves notice that at any time read more »

    Amy Clampitt
  • 12.
    Fragments From The Beach


    In retrospect the tragic nature
    of sea is a taste wept too daily, read more »

    Bill Knott