Top 100 Poems About: CAT

In this page, poems on / about “cat” are listed.
  • 1.
    Black Cat

    A ghost, though invisible, still is like a place
    your sight can knock on, echoing; but here
    within this thick black pelt, your strongest gaze
    will be absorbed and utterly disappear: read more »

    Rainer Maria Rilke
  • 2.
    The Owl And The Pussy-Cat

    The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea
    In a beautiful pea green boat,
    They took some honey, and plenty of money,
    Wrapped up in a five pound note. read more »

    Edward Lear
  • 3.
    Poem (As The Cat)

    As the cat
    climbed over
    the top of read more »

    William Carlos Williams
  • 4.
    A Cat

    She had a name among the children;
    But no one loved though someone owned
    Her, locked her out of doors at bedtime
    And had her kittens duly drowned. read more »

    Edward Thomas
  • 5.
    Lullaby For The Cat

    Minnow, go to sleep and dream,
    Close your great big eyes;
    Round your bed Events prepare
    The pleasantest surprise. read more »

    Elizabeth Bishop
  • 6.
    The Cat And The Moon

    THE cat went here and there
    And the moon spun round like a top,
    And the nearest kin of the moon,
    The creeping cat, looked up. read more »

    William Butler Yeats
  • 7.

    What are vices?
    Catching rats
    And eating mices! read more »

    Spike Milligan
  • 8.
    Tame Cat

    It rests me to be among beautiful women
    Why should one always lie about such matters?
    I repeat:
    It rests me to converse with beautiful women read more »

    Ezra Pound
  • 9.
    For I Will Consider My Cat Jeoffry (Excerpt, Jubilate Agno)

    For I will consider my Cat Jeoffry.
    For he is the servant of the Living God duly and daily serving him.
    For at the first glance of the glory of God in the East he worships in his way.
    For this is done by wreathing his body seven times round with elegant quickness. read more »

    Christopher Smart
  • 10.
    Having Slept, The Cat Gets Up

    Having slept, the cat gets up,
    yawns, goes out
    to make love. read more »

    Kobayashi Issa
  • 11.
    Ad Lesbiam, Cat. Ep. 73

    AD LESBIAM, CAT. EP. 73.

    Dicebas quondam, solum to nosse Catullum,
    Lesbia, nec prae me velle tenere Jovem; read more »

    Richard Lovelace
  • 12.
    The Cat Of Cats

    I am the cat of cats. I am
    The everlasting cat!
    Cunning, and old, and sleek as jam,
    The everlasting cat! read more »

    William Brighty Rands
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