Top 100 Poems About: CHICAGO

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  • 13.
    Chicago Samba

    I live in chicago
    A very windy city
    But tonight I will dance the Chicago samba
    Once again read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 14.
    The Great Chicago Fire

    The great Chicago Fire, friends,
    Will never be forgot;
    In the history of Chicago
    It will remain a darken spot. read more »

    Julia Ann Moore
  • 15.
    Chicago Blues

    Sing the Chicago
    Sing the Chigago
    Blues read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 16.
    Chicago - O'hare

    In Chicago, I am O'Hare,
    The international airport.
    I am reached by the world by air.
    Biggest, busiest - brags I court. read more »

    Ima Ryma
  • 17.
    3-Year Old Among 13 Shot In Sanford Fla., Or Chicago? (9/19/13)

    Thursday night basketball at a south side Chicago park,
    Gunfire amidst chaos as shots echoed loudly in the dark,
    Our culprits? DreadLocked men in a dark colored sedan,
    The tally would have been even greater had some not ran. read more »

    Luke Easter
  • 18.
    Six Poems For Poetry Chicago

    'Limon tree very pretty
    And the limon flower is sweet
    But the fruit of the poor lemon
    Is impossible to eat” read more »

    Jack Spicer
  • 19.
    Chicago Sestina

    I am surprised by the streets of Chicago
    when the palm of winter grips them with snow
    as if to forgive the city’s mistakes
    and give it a canvas that’s new, white, and clean– read more »

    Brian Maloney
  • 20.
    Chicago Dog

    The Chicago style hot dog is
    An all beef frankfurter cooked done,
    Steamed, boiled or grilled the vendors' biz,
    Then put on a poppy seed bun. read more »

    Ima Ryma
  • 21.
    Chicago Was Once

    Chicago was once

    A city of strong shoulders read more »

    Michael Hopkins
  • 22.

    I'm goin' to Chicago
    I'm goin' back that way, someday
    I'm headin' back to Chicago. read more »

    Morgan Michaels
  • 23.
    Southside Chicago Blues

    Stumbled out of bed this mornin'
    Don't know where I been.
    Don't know what the haps last night
    But it must have been a sin. read more »

    George Hunter
  • 24.
    The Chicago Poem

    the bridges of Chicago
    are not the bridges of Paris
    or the bridges of Amsterdam read more »

    Jerome Rothenberg
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