Top 100 Poems About: CHICAGO

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  • 85.

    I've dreampt of living in Chicago all my life.
    I'd roam around and do what I please,
    not thinking about yesterday's problem or tomorrow's tasks.
    I'd sulk in the energy just thinking about here and now, read more »

    Cadence Hanshew
  • 86.
    Chicago Stock Exchange

    Bert Alward

    The brawling voices babble as before
    Though one is hushed : the noblest and the best read more »

    Maria Frances Cecilia Cowper
  • 87.

    I watched the Chicago skyline
    Become bright at the height of twilight
    On a rooftop twenty-nine flights
    I felt the daily fight read more »

    Floyd Crenshaw
  • 88.
    Chicago Blackhawks Parade

    You can hear the excitement start to linger as the early morning train departs.
    Finally at the station everyone rushes toward the exit like Kaner on a breakaway to the goal.
    We all walked to Grant Park like little kids running after an ice cream truck. read more »

    Riley Frisbie
  • 89.

    Chicago why do you have to change?
    chicago acting so plan
    chicago your better than what the people
    say your the first thing that comes to mind read more »

    everette johnson
  • 90.

    Going home
    warmth and
    family and read more »

    Pat Raia
  • 91.

    Your violet eyes, your black hair flying in the wind. I glance out the window and see the highway we're on. I wonder when we'll get there. to the city I've choosen to stay for college.

    You spoke to me, saying we'll be there soon. You hold my hand on the seat of your truck. The truck you'll be selling, for a motorcycle. i smile, remembering how excited he was when he told me. read more »

    Lea Wilson
  • 92.
    Chicago Streets

    Living a dream,
    watching as the days go by.
    The boys up the street watching,
    as another drug buy goes down. read more »

    Louis Charriez
  • 93.
    Sunrise In Chicago River West

    Showering down an arc of meteors as it clacks across an off-kilter joint,
    The 'L' grumbles above Lake Street,
    Smearing early morning as the Kosher butchers trundle their loads up ramps into the hungering maw of road behemoths snoring in anticipation. read more »

    Robert J Meyer
  • 94.
    Kid's Prayer In Chicago

    People walking, freely talking of many happy days.
    But then the wind begins to blow,
    and all the angels let down holy snow.
    City filled with children playing in the snow, read more »

    Velmar Pewee Hale Johnson
  • 95.

    with redded toes, she's
    jumping on the lake. read more »

    Donna Ialongo
  • 96.
    Teenage Days Of One Helluva Chicago Summer.

    Hey, you sittin' over there by yourself...
    Are ya playin' wit yerself, or a handy mini pocket elf, offa yer homely home's bookshelf?
    EyE Said, it's time yew hid and resume playin' wit yerself! !
    Whut, yew kinnot here mey? read more »

    Michael Gale
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