Top 100 Poems About: CHICAGO

In this page, poems on / about “chicago” are listed.

  • 85.

    Chicago ice nights
    on the Loop

    peering into windows read more »

    Terry L. Young
  • 86.
    The Belugas Of Chicago

    Born into freedom,
    at liberty to roam,
    explore all things.
    Young, no skill to elude hunters. read more »

    Louise Norman
  • 87.
    Chicago Ii

    I feel the tug of life
    on my apron strings
    the ebb and flow
    of the big city. read more »

    Valerie Jupe!
  • 88.
    Dear Mama, A Poem From A Son In Chicago

    dear mama,

    today is your 78th birthday
    i can't join you but i am sending a little money read more »

  • 89.
    Somewhere In Chicago

    health care is not in danger
    not affected by recession
    because the white people and the black people
    all level up read more »

  • 90.
    Chicago Teddy Bear

    Pretend that I'm this teddy bear,
    And you're that loose thread hanging there.
    Clearly you held me together before,
    But you're barely part of me any more. read more »

    Kathlene Ann
  • 91.
    Chilly Chicago

    read more »

    Christian Allen
  • 92.
    To A Friend Somewhere In Chicago

    In your hands you have the sun
    In my heart I have the moon & stars
    We fold this wide distance like
    A paper, a letter where we have once written read more »

  • 93.
    Chicago Ink

    My body has changed forever,
    The needle piercing my skin,
    Making forth an image, the art so clever,
    Ink marking my heritage, and my kin. read more »

    Ryan McNicholas
  • 94.
    Chicago Stepper

    I’m keeping it smooth, stepping so tight,
    a Chicago Stepper’s in the house tonight.

    It’s the end of the day, I’ve been patiently waiting. read more »

    Cassandra Boyd
  • 95.
    'Brisk Wind In Chicago' 12/8/08

    Just for a moment, I visited you in my imagination.
    Words of edification swayed my soul, and drew me into your destine place.
    I took in the brisk, soft, smooth wind on my face.
    I enjoyed imagining being at your lake. read more »

    Sallie Marie Tompkins
  • 96.
    To Mawe In Chicago This Winter

    hello mawe, if you are stil there
    alive and listening
    if you still have the shadow of
    autumn and spring read more »

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