Top 100 Poems About: EDUCATION

In this page, poems on / about “education” are listed.
  • 1.
    My English Sucks ….. [english ('poor') : Almost Medium Length; Education And Life; Ph- Inspired]

    When I were schooled english wernt my thing.
    My scores in English lurning no bells done ring.
    Yea I grajaded but ain't english smart ….no lie!
    Come end a school year the teach said 'By Bri.' read more »

    Bri Edwards
  • 2.
    Education Gives Us........

    Does the education give us more knowledge?
    Make intelligence sharp to cut the edge?
    Does it inspire intelligentsia to take more pledge?
    Is it simply the symbolic gesture in form of badge? read more »

    Hasmukh Amathalal
  • 3.

    You want to be in a gang
    And shoot up everything with a bang
    You say they'll have your back
    But education is what you lack read more »

    Norena M. Jones
  • 4.

    read more »

    Edward Kofi Louis
  • 5.
    My Education

    At school I sometimes read a book,
    And learned a lot of lessons;
    Some small amount of pains I took,
    And showed much acquiescence read more »

    James Kenneth Stephen
  • 6.
    The Higher Education

    (Harvard's prestige in football is a leading factor. The best players in the leading preparatory schools prefer to study at Cambridge, where they can earn fame on the gridiron. They do not care to be identified with Yale and Princeton.--JOE VILA in the Evening Sun.)

    "Father," began the growing youth,
    "Your pleading finds me deaf; read more »

    Franklin Pierce Adams
  • 7.
    The Song Of Education

    III. For the Creche

    Form 8277059, Sub-Section K read more »

    Gilbert Keith Chesterton
  • 8.
    Spiritual Education.

    Within time's stress, amid the facts of life,
    Not in monastic solitudes, we find
    A way to that is higher than ourselves. read more »

    Robert Crawford
  • 9.
    Up! Education

    Education is important
    Right from when an infant

    Education is not about college read more »

    Sylvia Chidi
  • 10.
    The Plight Of The Modern Education Or Why Johnny Can'T Read

    The plight of modern education,
    Is much more complicated than some imagined.

    You see at first, read more »

    Nadalia Bagratuni
  • 11.
    Is Education A Business?

    Is Education A Business

    Is education a business
    Or should it even be? read more »

    Nadalia Bagratuni
  • 12.
    Ch 07 On The Effects Of Education Story 18

    I noticed the son of a rich man, sitting on the grave of his father and quarreling with a dervish-boy, saying: ‘The sarcophagus of my father’s tomb is of stone and its epitaph is elegant. The pavement is of marble, tesselated with turquois-like bricks. But what resembles thy father’s grave? It consists of two contiguous bricks with two handfuls of mud thrown over it.’ The dervish-boy listened to all this and then observed: ‘By the time thy father is able to shake off those heavy stones which cover him, mine will have reached paradise.’

    An ass with a light burden
    No doubt walks easily. read more »

    Saadi Shirazi
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