Top 100 Poems About: FAMILY

In this page, poems on / about “family” are listed.
  • 1.
    The Rose Family

    The rose is a rose,
    And was always a rose.
    But the theory now goes
    That the apple's a rose, read more »

    Robert Frost
  • 2.
    Family Court

    read more »

    Ogden Nash
  • 3.
    I Love My Family So Much.

    To be a part of a family like mine
    is so divine
    where love is shown
    hurt is shared read more »

    Mahfooz Ali
  • 4.
    A Family Christmas

    Sitting in front of the fire, Auntie Flo's reciting a story,
    it's one about her first Christmas as a newly wed,
    the same one she broadcasts every year,
    but no one is listening. read more »

    Ernestine Northover
  • 5.
    We Are Family

    we are family,
    although we do not resemble
    although i am black and you are white
    although you are rich and i am poor read more »

    Michael J. Burt
  • 6.
    Family Comes Together

    Family comes together
    For always and forever
    In sickness and in health
    In poverty or in wealth read more »

    Glaedr the poet
  • 7.
    All In A Family Way

    My banks are all furnished with rags,
    So thick, even Freddy can't thin 'em;
    I've torn up my old money-bags,
    Having little or nought to put in 'em. read more »

    Thomas Moore
  • 8.
    Family Love Forever

    Have u ever thought actually
    What it would be like, without a family.

    Family is the only one, read more »

    .Pd. is here
  • 9.
    Family First

    One of the most heart felt feelings is
    Putting your family first
    It doesn't require a scholar or math whiz
    To recognize one suffering from thirst read more »

    Ouida Nell Greene
  • 10.
    The Family Tree

    We've got a family album
    Like a family tree
    A thrill to turn the pages
    The pictures we can see read more »

    Olive Walters
  • 11.
    Family First

    Friends may come and friends may go
    Family is first and this I know
    Putting friends first is a mistake
    And not one that you should make read more »

    Bonnie B Long
  • 12.
    To Me What Family Is

    Family to me has many meanings
    For all are full of diverse feelings
    Love and anger, both within a single one
    Children who stay and children who run read more »

    Glaedr the poet