Top 100 Poems About: FOG

In this page, poems on / about “fog” are listed.
  • 1.

    The fog comes
    on little cat feet.

    It sits looking read more »

    Carl Sandburg
  • 2.
    Boats In A Fog

    Sports and gallantries, the stage, the arts, the antics of dancers,
    The exuberant voices of music,
    Have charm for children but lack nobility; it is ... read more »

    Robinson Jeffers
  • 3.
    Pearl Fog

    Open the door now.
    Go roll up the collar of your coat
    To walk in the changing scarf of mist. read more »

    Carl Sandburg
  • 4.
    Fog Portrait

    RINGS of iron gray smoke; a woman’s steel face … looking … looking.
    Funnels of an ocean liner negotiating a fog night; pouring a read more »

    Carl Sandburg
  • 5.

    A vagueness comes over everything,
    as though proving color and contour
    alike dispensable: the lighthouse
    extinct, the islands' spruce-tips read more »

    Amy Clampitt
  • 6.

    Invisible gulls with human voices cry in the sea-cloud
    'There is room, wild minds,
    Up high in the cloud; the web and the feather remember read more »

    Robinson Jeffers
  • 7.
    The House Of Dust: Part 01: 08: The White Fog Creeps From The Cold Sea Over The City

    The white fog creeps from the cold sea over the city,
    Over the pale grey tumbled towers,—
    And settles among the roofs, the pale grey walls.
    Along damp sinuous streets it crawls, read more »

    Conrad Potter Aiken
  • 8.

    Light silken curtain, colorless and soft,
    Dreamlike before me floating! what abides
    Behind thy pearly veil's
    Opaque, mysterious woof? read more »

    Emma Lazarus
  • 9.
    *the Fog

    Nights mist
    around my eyes

    very similar to the fog read more »

    David DeSantis
  • 10.
    *****2 Haiku (Fog & School)

    over the hill
    a river of fog
    flooding the valley read more »

    Ben Gieske
  • 11.
    The Fog

    The fog is an illusion—
    A master of disguise,
    Which hides the tangible
    Before our very eyes. read more »

    Walterrean Salley
  • 12.
    Baltic Fog Notes

    Seven days all fog, all mist, and the turbines pounding through high seas.
    I was a plaything, a rat’s neck in the teeth of a scuffling mastiff. read more »

    Carl Sandburg
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