Top 100 Poems About: FREEDOM

In this page, poems on / about “freedom” are listed.
  • 1.

    he drank wine all night of the
    28th, and he kept thinking of her:
    the way she walked and talked and loved
    the way she told him things that seemed true read more »

    Charles Bukowski
  • 2.
    Freedom Xiv

    And an orator said, "Speak to us of Freedom."

    And he answered: read more »

    Khalil Gibran
  • 3.
    Freedom Of Love

    (Translated from the French by Edouard Rodti)

    My wife with the hair of a wood fire
    With the thoughts of heat lightning read more »

    Andre Breton
  • 4.

    Freedom, as every schoolboy knows,
    Once shrieked as Kosciusko fell;
    On every wind, indeed, that blows
    I hear her yell. read more »

    Ambrose Bierce
  • 5.
    A Sad State Of Freedom

    You waste the attention of your eyes,
    the glittering labour of your hands,
    and knead the dough enough for dozens of loaves
    of which you'll taste not a morsel; read more »

    Nazim Hikmet
  • 6.
    Freedom Is Never Free

    They tell me
    'Freedom is never free.'
    I know that-
    More than most realize. read more »

    James Grengs
  • 7.
    Freedom And Love

    How delicious is the winning
    Of a kiss at love's beginning,
    When two mutual hearts are sighing
    For the knot there's no untying! read more »

    Thomas Campbell
  • 8.
    Freedom At Midnight

    At the stroke of twelve; midnight
    we earned freedom! Well! We did it!
    We waited, waited, waited, waited
    we waited not just six hours for dawn, read more »

    Sathya Narayana
  • 9.

    What freeman knoweth freedom? Never he
    Whose father's father through long lives have reigned
    O'er kingdoms which mere heritage attained.
    Though from his youth to age he roam as free read more »

    Helen Hunt Jackson
  • 10.

    All I want is freedom
    Is that too much to ask
    All I want is freedom
    To forget everything in my past read more »

    Christal Carpenter
  • 11.
    Freedom On The Wallaby

    Australia's a big country
    An' Freedom's humping bluey,
    An' Freedom's on the wallaby
    Oh! don't you hear 'er cooey? read more »

    Henry Lawson
  • 12.
    I Prefer The Gorgeous Freedom

    I prefer the gorgeous freedom,
    And I fly to lands of grace,
    Where in wide and clear meadows
    All is good, as dreams, and blest. read more »

    Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Blok
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