Top 100 Poems About: ISOLATION

In this page, poems on / about “isolation” are listed.
  • 1.
    Isolation: To Marguerite

    We were apart; yet, day by day,
    I bade my heart more constant be.
    I bade it keep the world away,
    And grow a home for only thee; read more »

    Matthew Arnold
  • 2.
    Isolation And Dark

    I prefer isolation and dark,
    No disturbance from dog’s bark,
    Easy escape from assassin’s mark,
    No problem for vehicle’s park, read more »

    Hasmukh Amathalal
  • 3.
    *isolation At Sunrise

    I awake,
    Dreams burdened with your eyes.

    A recollection of temperance read more »

    David DeSantis
  • 4.
    Life's Valley Of Isolation

    Put an end
    On the journey of life
    Loneliness read more »

    Seema Chowdhury
  • 5.
    A Funeral In Isolation*

    i carefully place
    myself on the pyre of
    dreams that desert me
    from time to time... read more »

    indira babbellapati
  • 6.
    Life In Isolation

    I've been alone in this isolation
    No more irrigation, no more commotion
    I can't reach the lines
    'Cause something stops me, girdled with vines read more »

    Sheldon Allen Saluta
  • 7.

    This heart became slave
    It sleeps in the past cave
    That life had kept in grave
    It made my smiles shave read more »

    Kranthi Pothineni
  • 8.

    Isolation is to be left out when you want to be in.
    Isolation is feeling that sense of loneliness.
    Isolation is feeling alone when ten thousand people surround you.
    Isolation is hearing laughter in a room and silence when you walk in. read more »

    Dead Poetic
  • 9.

    He came by unknown ways, and stood
    At evening in the fading wood,
    Which when the glowing hills were gone
    Would as in a dream murmur on, read more »

    Robert Crawford
  • 10.
    .her Silence.Her Anger.Her Isolation

    Incisions marked with skin of silk,
    I am vulnerable,
    true to flesh and bone,
    I am human, read more »

    Elizabeth Tyease Collins
  • 11.

    Man lives alone; star-like, each soul
       In its own orbit circles ever;
    Myriads may by or round it roll --
       The ways may meet, but mingle never. read more »

    Edward Booth Loughran
  • 12.
    Rain, Isolation, Self-Analysis

    'The world is myself; life is myself'. - Wallace Stevens

    1. read more »

    Lamont Palmer
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