Top 100 Poems About: LIGHT

In this page, poems on / about “light” are listed.
  • 1.
    "Star Light, Star Bright--"

    Star, that gives a gracious dole,
    What am I to choose?
    Oh, will it be a shriven soul,
    Or little buckled shoes? read more »

    Dorothy Parker
  • 2.
    Charge Of The Light Brigade

    HALF a league, half a league,
    Half a league onward,
    All in the valley of Death
    Rode the six hundred. read more »

    Alfred Lord Tennyson
  • 3.
    The Light Wraps You

    The light wraps you in its mortal flame.
    Abstracted pale mourner, standing that way
    against the old propellers of the twighlight
    that revolves around you. read more »

    Pablo Neruda
  • 4.
    A Light Exists In Spring

    A light exists in spring
    Not present on the year
    At any other period.
    When March is scarcely here read more »

    Emily Dickinson
  • 5.
    Light Is More Important Than The Lantern

    Light is more important than the lantern,
    The poem more important than the notebook,
    And the kiss more important than the lips.
    My letters to you read more »

    Nizar Qabbani
  • 6.
    Tower Of Light

    O tower of light, sad beauty
    that magnified necklaces and statues in the sea,
    calcareous eye, insignia of the vast waters, cry
    of the mourning petrel, tooth of the sea, wife read more »

    Pablo Neruda
  • 7.
    Light Breaks Where No Sun Shines

    Light breaks where no sun shines;
    Where no sea runs, the waters of the heart
    Push in their tides;
    And, broken ghosts with glowworms in their heads, read more »

    Dylan Thomas
  • 8.
    Altarwise By Owl-Light

    Altarwise by owl-light in the half-way house
    The gentleman lay graveward with his furies;
    Abaddon in the hangnail cracked from Adam,
    And, from his fork, a dog among the fairies, read more »

    Dylan Thomas
  • 9.
    Children Of Light

    Our fathers wrung their bread from stocks and stones
    And fenced their gardens with the Redmen's bones;
    Embarking from the Nether Land of Holland,
    Pilgrims unhouseled by Geneva's night, read more »

    Robert Lowell
  • 10.
    A Light Woman

    So far as our story approaches the end,
    Which do you pity the most of us three?---
    My friend, or the mistress of my friend
    With her wanton eyes, or me? read more »

    Robert Browning
  • 11.

    HAIL holy light, ofspring of Heav'n first-born,
    Or of th' Eternal Coeternal beam
    May I express thee unblam'd? since God is light,
    And never but in unapproached light read more »

    John Milton
  • 12.
    The Changing Light

    The changing light
                     at San Francisco
           is none of your East Coast light
                    none of your read more »

    Lawrence Ferlinghetti
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