Top 100 Poems About: PEACE

In this page, poems on / about “peace” are listed.

  • 49.
    Peace Not Permanent

    read more »

    Robert Herrick
  • 50.
    Sonnet To Peace Of Mind

    Sweet Peace! ah, lead me from the thorny dale,
    Where desolate my wand'ring steps have fled;
    Far from the sunny paths which others tread,
    While youth enlivens, and while joys prevail. read more »

    Helen Maria Williams
  • 51.
    Peace Be With You

    The man was seated in a pew,
    sandwiched between
    his wife and children, read more »

    C.J. Heck
  • 52.
    Peace Is A Fiction Of Our Faith


    Peace is a fiction of our Faith—
    The Bells a Winter Night read more »

    Emily Dickinson
  • 53.
    The Bankrupt Peace-Maker

    I opened the ink-well and smoke filled the room.
    The smoke formed the giant frog-cat of my doom.
    His web feet left dreadful slime tracks on the floor.
    He had hammer and nails that he laid by the door. read more »

    Vachel Lindsay
  • 54.
    The Home Of Peace

    Trust and treachery, wisdom, folly,
    Madness, mirth and melancholy,
    Love and hatred, thrift and pillage,
    All are housed in every village. read more »

    Charles Harpur
  • 55.
    War And Peace

    "This war is a terrible thing," he said,
    "With its countless numbers of needless dead;
    A futile warfare it seems to me,
    Fought for no principle I can see. read more »

    Franklin Pierce Adams
  • 56.
    World Peace

    When I cast a look around the world,
    I marvel at what I see and hear.
    Why, I ponder , is the world at war?
    Why, I lament, should the world know no peace? read more »

    Mac Araromi
  • 57.
    Love, Joy, Peace And Presence

    My love for you,
    How rich in depth?
    For joy to cherish,
    For peace to restore, read more »

    Christian Eliab Ratnam
  • 58.
    Peace, Peace, Peace

    In the Bible-God says, let there
    be peace among all nations.
    Peace is something to cherish
    and behold...whether in heart read more »

    Viola B. Jelinek
  • 59.
    Peace, Peace, Peace

    Peace, peace, peace,
    World wants peace,
    You are right Nandita
    I do agree, but read more »

    gajanan mishra
  • 60.
    The Peace Of Dives

    The Word came down to Dives in Torment where he lay: read more »

    Rudyard Kipling
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