Top 100 Poems About: PRIDE

In this page, poems on / about “pride” are listed.
  • 1.

    Behind the facade of our big egos we constantly do hide
    And pride of five letters is only that just pride
    And some will even tell you pride comes before a fall
    From life we have been learning from before we learned to crawl, read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 2.
    Humility And Pride

    Two emotions deep down inside, are those of humility and pride,
    They produce what men may see, in the life of both you and me.
    A haughty spirit can sure reside, in a heart that’s filled with pride.
    A humble spirit is in you and me, when you’re filled with humility. read more »

    Bob Gotti
  • 3.
    Passion's Pride

    Alone.........I sit
    By the fishing hole
    Didn't bring..don't need
    ...No fishing pole read more »

    James B. Earley
  • 4.
    Sonnet: The Man Of Pride

    O man of pride, do come down from your heights!
    ’Tis lonely sitting in a chair like that;
    The dizziness could cause you sleepless nights;
    Please condescend, come down to us to chat. read more »

    Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,
  • 5.
    The Pride Of Canovee

    He played for Cork in red and white and Millstreet in green and gold
    And if he is with the living now he must be seventy years old
    A champion Gaelic footballer when he was in his prime
    And he was one who more than once inspired the bards to rhyme. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 6.
    Not Even My Pride Shall Suffer Much

    Not even my pride shall suffer much;
    Not even my pride at all, maybe,
    If this ill-timed, intemperate clutch
    Be loosed by you and not by me, read more »

    Edna St. Vincent Millay
  • 7.
    Foolish Pride

    There are times, we have what's called,
    foolish pride and then there comes a time,
    when we should cast it aside! Having too
    much pride, can stand in your way and in read more »

    Audrey Heller
  • 8.
    The Pride That Comes After

    It knows it all, it knows it all,
    The world of groans and laughter,
    It sneers of pride before a fall,
    But the bitter pride comes after: read more »

    Henry Lawson
  • 9.
    Her Pride

    Her pride nobody can take it away
    She is proud of the way she has been raised
    Her pride of who she is she has
    She takes her pride when she puts herself together read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 10.
    Can You See The Pride In The Panther

    Can You See the Pride In the Panther
    As he grows in splendor and grace
    Topling obstacles placed in the way,
    of the progression of his race. read more »

    Tupac Shakur
  • 11.
    *my Mexican Pride*

    Roses are red
    Mexicans are brown
    thats my race
    so don't put it down! ! read more »

  • 12.

    How foolish are your songs of pride
    When Jesus seeks to come inside
    Humble yourself reject your shame
    Receive my Spirit’s purging flame read more »

    Michael P. Johnson
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