Top 100 Poems About: RESPECT

In this page, poems on / about “respect” are listed.
  • 1.

    If we can not respect another
    How can we expect them to respect us
    If we can not respect someone’s beliefs
    How can we expect them to respect ours read more »

    David Harris
  • 2.
    Sonnet: Respect

    Respect your elders all if they deserve;
    Respect your servants too who you well serve;
    Respect your father for tilling the soil;
    Respect your mother for her love and toil. read more »

    Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,
  • 3.
    Respect Time!

    Respect! Respect!
    Time I respect you

    Time is of great essence read more »

    Lovina Sylvia Chidi
  • 4.
    A Lesson In Self Respect

    Nobody gives a damn about you
    Until you pick up a gun or strap on a bomb
    And kill someone with your version of kindness
    Nobody gives a damn about you read more »

    Ted Sheridan
  • 5.
    Respect, Respect Me

    Respect, respect me, I say
    In every single way
    Respect me day by day read more »

    Lovina Sylvia Chidi
  • 6.
    I Respect...

    I respect, another mans religion, or color or creed.
    I respect, and follow, the will of my maker.
    I respect, the truth, no matter how unpopular. read more »

    (brief renderings) Joe Fazio
  • 7.
    Fear Vs Respect

    Fear breaks; Respect mends.
    Fear hurts; Respect heals.
    Fear suffocates; Respect motivates.
    Fear arrests; Respect enables. read more »

    Vinod Varma
  • 8.
    Self Respect

    Self respect is self love
    Self respect provoke love for others

    Self respect is GOD respect read more »

  • 9.

    All creatures deep inside are quite aware
    that it's the heart and, with it, its sweet beat
    only its never-ending flutter lets us share
    a bit of time upon this planet, where we meet read more »

    Herbert Nehrlich
  • 10.
    ' 2011/04/01 Honour And Respect (Rev.)

    Nicolas Shrady; sceptic on a pilgrimage,
    following holy trails to religious shrines,
    seeking the spiritual within the physical –
    realising he was ‘an outsider, a passive read more »

    Margaret Alice
  • 11.
    Where Is The Respect

    I am sitting in the back of the bus
    Observing the children play
    With the weather just gorgeous
    On a very lovely day read more »

    Ronell Warren Alman
  • 12.
    Self-Respect - To The Troubled

    'Your only enemy

    is yourself'... read more »

    Michael Shepherd