Top 100 Poems About: RIVER

In this page, poems on / about “river” are listed.

  • 61.
    (.........Aug26) The River Of Ordinary Moments

    Because living is a river of ordinary moments,
    each moment connected to the next,
    there is nowhere we can go to escape
    from our fate which is to merge read more »

    Max Reif
  • 62.
    It's A River

    When the time keeps passing and the world goes round
    and the sea is crashing at the cliffs and the sounds
    erupting as the seabirds cry, you can watch the river
    as the time goes by read more »

    Charles M Moore
  • 63.
    There Is A River We All Must Cross

    There is a river we all must cross,
    Thousands will pass it tomorrow;
    Some will go down to its waters with joy,
    Others with anguish and sorrow. read more »

    Henry Clay Work
  • 64.
    I Hear A River Thro' The Valley Wander

    read more »

    Trumbull Stickney
  • 65.
    The River Maiden

    Her gown was simple woven wool,
    But, in repayment,
    Her body sweet made beautiful
    The simplest raiment: read more »

    Victor James Daley
  • 66.
    The River

    I am a river flowing from God’s sea
    Through devious ways. He mapped my course for me;
    I cannot change it; mine alone the toil
    To keep the waters free from grime and soil read more »

    Ella Wheeler Wilcox
  • 67.
    The River Erdre.

    Then run along the riverside
    upon a time a French King's pride
    viewed vast breadth and gentle ripples;
    glitter, glisten, glow and twinkle. read more »

    Gillian.E. Shaw
  • 68.
    The Concrete River

    We sink into the dust,
    Baba and me,
    Beneath brush of prickly leaves;
    Ivy strangling trees--singing read more »

    Luis J. Rodríguez
  • 69.
    ! ! Silence At The River Bank

    read more »

    Michael Shepherd
  • 70.
    V. To The River Tweed.

    O TWEED! a stranger, that with wand'ring feet
    O'er hill and dale has journey'd many a mile,
    (If so his weary thoughts he might beguile)
    Delighted turns thy beauteous scenes to greet. read more »

    William Lisle Bowles
  • 71.
    by The River

    This is one of my wirdest dreams

    Walking by the river thinking things out,
    I see a girl crying and one with a pout. read more »

    Karla Robles
  • 72.
    Tired River

    I wonder if the river gets tired?
    It runs and runs but never stops,
    It rushes onward toward the sea,
    Foaming, Swirling, round the rocks. read more »

    >Starr Williams<
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