Top 100 Poems About: SMILE

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  • 73.
    The Smile Of A Star Is The Smile Of Star Bucks.

    A beautiful morning for a good cup of coffee but yet for one to hear the whisper every whisper in the stars of Star Bucks the more one hear a whisper thus the whisper is whispering the name Star Bucks,

    For every star that one see is family of Star Bucks that has respect but for every warm smile is the smile of respect where there happiness for one shall feel the sun of respect for the stars of Star Bucks. read more »

    Raymond Sawyer
  • 74.
    Brenda Smith's Smile

    Her name was not important.
    She'd even worked in Canada
    for a year or two as Brenda Smith.
    Her smile, however, well that was unforgettable. read more »

    Amanda Lukas
  • 75.
    Behind This Smile

    You see me smile
    And talk to other people i know
    But what; s behind this smile
    You'll never know read more »

    Laura Hollan
  • 76.
    Her Mesmerising Smile

    I couldn’t sleep whole night
    Something with my heart was not right
    It haunted me all the while
    It’s her mesmerising smile. read more »

    Vikram G. Aarella
  • 77.
    I Smile

    I smile to cover the pain
    I smile to hide my misery
    But I'm tired of life and I wanna die read more »

    Brandi Young
  • 78.
    Please Smile

    just for my eyes.. read more »

    hazem al jaber
  • 79.
    Iv Seen Your Smile,

    IV seen your smile shine like
    iv seen your spirit fly away,
    iv seen the proof in their read more »

  • 80.
    The Tear And The Smile..

    every start must has it end... read more »

    hazem al jaber
  • 81.
    Magic Smile

    My heart is full of love
    I wish it is as great as that Above
    Careful thoughts linger in my emotion
    Hearty feelings I possess in motion read more »

    Marvin Brato Sr
  • 82.
    False Smile 2

    WRETCHED false smile spotlighted
    like a dancing shadow, hes a wrongdoer read more »

  • 83.
    Smile And Smile

    Smile and smile

    Even though your response is cold
    As I am told read more »

    Hasmukh Amathalal
  • 84.
    A Genuine Smile

    When an acquaintance asks you how you are,
    And how you coped with a trying day,
    Then think of all of your blessings,
    And then in a gentle manner say - read more »

    Joseph T. Renaldi
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