Top 100 Poems About: SMILE

In this page, poems on / about “smile” are listed.

  • 85.
    Crazy Smile

    We come from miles away to see you,
    For us it is our dream come true….
    We feel content after taking a snap with you
    We try our best to smile like you…. read more »

    Sumita Datta
  • 86.
    Did You Smile?

    I am asleep;
    dreaming of elusive worlds.
    I sensed emotions I deemed
    were real. read more »

    Luke Blaise
  • 87.
    Behind This Smile

    Behind this smile is a host of mixed emotions.
    Like a scared rabbit I want to stand stock-still
    In the stare of headlight-eyes. read more »

    Susan Ashdown
  • 88.
    Smile All The While

    send out a smile today,
    see it being returned
    lighten someones burden
    your love wont be spurned read more »

    Arti Chopra
  • 89.
    Smile When The Sun Don'T Shine

    She walked through streets
    All day long,
    She skipped and smiled
    And sang a song. read more »

    Rabi Anata
  • 90.
    Her Smile Makes Me Smile

    Whenever I feel sad
    And life’s troubles wear me down
    I just look upon her face
    And no longer wear a frown. read more »

    Paul Holmes
  • 91.
    Make Me Smile Again

    So much in so little time I have lost
    Sad and lonely
    Tears still falling
    Heart still aching read more »

    Ramona Thompson
  • 92.
    I Smile, Smile To Hear It

    When the people remark it that he is dry honest,
    Cannot even spare his wife, sons and daughters,
    But God knows who is honest and who not,
    If the father remains honest read more »

    Bijay Kant Dubey
  • 93.
    Mona Lisa Who Carries Our Smile

    why did mona lisa
    become famous?
    it's because she read more »

    john tiong chunghoo
  • 94.
    Thank You For Making Me Smile

    As I look at you, I smile continuously..
    Deep in thought..
    Speechless little me, sitting here wondering..
    Wondering how someone so special exists.. read more »

    Vyanne' Lockett
  • 95.
    Smile :)

    What makes you smile in this world?
    Those things that undeniably
    Make your lips curl spontaneously
    At their sheer beauty? read more »

    Michelle Tiddy
  • 96.
    1 Fake Smile

    Smile for one more mile
    boat cruisin on river Nile

    Smile hold your thoughts read more »

    Roger Bewman
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