Top 100 Poems About: SUICIDE

In this page, poems on / about “suicide” are listed.

  • 25.

    This is all I can say
    about the suicide,
    the attempt
    to end my wretched life. read more »

    Bob Blackwell
  • 26.
    Green-Eyed Suicide

    Green-Eyed Suicide
    With life such a blur
    Wrists scarred from back to front
    This is the life for her read more »

    Tatianna Rei Moonshadow
  • 27.
    Suicide Bomber In Your Soul

    Given too freely
    this can become ammunition
    a weapon used against you
    like a suicide bomber read more »

    Mary Nagy
  • 28.
    Commit Suicide..To God

    Commit suicide to God
    Every single day
    Tell Him all your pain
    And He'll take it all away read more »

    Cheyenne Ashley
  • 29.
    Suicide Suicide Suicide

    Suicide is wishing I were dead
    suicide is deep in my head,
    suicide thoughts are cutting my wrists burning my ankles,
    suicide my last tear dry, suicide. read more »

    Jessica Lee Workman
  • 30.
    Suicide Hotline

    I'm thinking of killing myself
    and just want to tell someone
    my parents never listen
    never let me have any fun read more »

    jay morris
  • 31.
    To A Suicide...

    In this park i used to dwell,
    met a guy i loved so well,
    there he stole my heart from me,
    and now i have to set it free, read more »

    I wish i was as invisable as he made me feel
  • 32.
    Suicide Scars

    i look at myself in the mirror wondering.
    wondering what happend to the girl i used to be.
    wondering why there are scars on my wrist.
    why i did this to myself. read more »

    teresa johnson
  • 33.
    My Suicide

    I've often wondered why
    Old chaps who choose to die
    In evil passes,
    Before themselves they slay, read more »

    Robert William Service
  • 34.
    Join Me In Suicide

    Where the sun sets and the moon rises,
    I will meet you there at night fall
    To create pandemonium one last time
    But tonight will never be forgotten read more »

    Allyson Gordon
  • 35.
    Suicide In A Minor

    Pounding the keys of life;
    There's no margin for error.
    One mistake is suicide:
    A poet's terror. read more »

    Kyle Shield Laster
  • 36.
    Thoughts Of Suicide

    Thoughts of suicide grow
    Why do i think like this?
    Why cant i live in harmoney?
    Why cant i live in bliss? read more »

    Chris jones
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