Top 100 Poems About: SUICIDE

In this page, poems on / about “suicide” are listed.

  • 37.
    Not Suicide

    I've been hurt and I've felt deep pain
    But suicide wasn't ever my gain
    To think that someone has no other choice
    Please know I care, let me be your voice read more »

    Donna Nimmo
  • 38.

    Suicide is on my mind all the time
    how can I get rid of of it
    no one can help me now not even god
    Im unsaveable read more »

    Jazmine Staples
  • 39.
    Suicide Lullaby

    This is you...
    You're causing me to bleed.
    And you have no apologies
    For whom you inflict fear into. read more »

    Christine Woodrich
  • 40.
    Love = Suicide

    love is fake
    love is retarted
    love is nothing,
    but a whisper read more »

    rachel reed
  • 41.

    I hate all of you
    i want to die
    i hate everything read more »

    jon groff
  • 42.

    Slit my throat,
    Slit my arms,
    Stab that knife in both of my palms, read more »

    James Lee Watts
  • 43.
    Maggot Suicide

    A maggot, high up in a tree,
    lived there with family of ten,
    in roomy hollows of decay
    and she remembered back to when read more »

    Herbert Nehrlich
  • 44.
    Suicide Note

    should my heart stop beating
    i want you to know
    i love you all
    and just can't let go read more »

    Marie ...
  • 45.
    Suicide Angel

    A man of 19 looks for a quick way to die
    He gets on his knees and begins to cry out
    The Suicide Angel hears his pleading cries
    He knows the man will take his life without a doubt read more »

    Patrick Shields
  • 46.
    Suicide Kid

    As she read the note aloud
    Her voice clear and loud
    'This is what she wrote
    Her suicide note' read more »

    Laura Kelly
  • 47.
    Suicide Is Bravery

    Imagine standing at the edge
    No more reasons of anything in life to pledge
    Looking down as the wind bleeds your eyes dry
    When you fall you have seconds to say goodbye to the sky read more »

    Ryan Frenrey
  • 48.

    Yesterday I tried to commit suicide..
    The good news is..I didnt succeed..
    You dont know how much I tried..
    And cut just to watch my arm bleed.. read more »

    Tiara Neal
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