Top 100 Poems About: SYMPATHY

In this page, poems on / about “sympathy” are listed.
  • 1.

    I know what the caged bird feels, alas!
    When the sun is bright on the upland slopes;
    When the wind stirs soft through the springing grass,
    And the river flows like a stream of glass; read more »

    Paul Laurence Dunbar
  • 2.
    A Pocketful Of Sympathy

    A pocketful of sympathy
    Is really rather wonderful
    To stop a scratch from stinging
    Or a bruise from black and bluing read more »

    Alison Cassidy
  • 3.

    If I were only a little puppy, not your baby, mother dear, would
    you say "No" to me if I tried to eat from your dish?
    Would you drive me off, saying to me, "Get away, you naughty
    little puppy?" read more »

    Rabindranath Tagore
  • 4.

    Therefore I dare reveal my private woe,
    The secret blots of my imperfect heart,
    Nor strive to shrink or swell mine own desert,
    Nor beautify nor hide. For this I know, read more »

    Emma Lazarus
  • 5.

    There should be no despair for you
    While nightly stars are burning,
    While evening pours its silent dew
    And sunshine gilds the morning. read more »

    Emily Jane Brontë
  • 6.
    Accept My Sympathy

    In all sincerity
    It is a pathetic pity
    I merely offer sympathy
    With such velocity read more »

    Sylvia Chidi
  • 7.

    She's rubbing his shoulder
    and he's reading about
    Western birds. There's a scoop
    of light just above my knee read more »

    Eileen Myles
  • 8.

    Perched on the branch of a tree
    Was a nightingale sad and lonel read more »

    Allama Muhammad Iqbal
  • 9.
    Whimper Of Sympathy

    Hawk or shrike has done this deed
    Of downy feathers: rueful sight!
    Sweet sentimentalist, invite
    Your bosom's Power to intercede. read more »

    George Meredith
  • 10.

    Lately alas I knew a gentle boy,
    Whose features all were cast in Virtue's mould,
    As one she had designed for Beauty's toy,
    But after manned him for her own strong-hold. read more »

    Henry David Thoreau
  • 11.
    If You Give Me Sympathy Right Now

    A balloon of bursting tears cannot float
    But do not provide the action
    Or release the pain too quickly
    You might not be able to heal the form read more »

    maggie oke
  • 12.
    Empathy And Sympathy.

    Love turns to empathy when one sees God in all,
    The sharing of the self in life's rise and fall.
    Fostered humbleness, blooms the empathy's flower,
    And with it God's bliss, spontaneously showers. read more »

    Bazi alis Subrata Ray
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