Top 100 Poems About: TIME

In this page, poems on / about “time” are listed.

  • 37.
    Spring In War Time

    I feel the Spring far off, far off,
    The faint far scent of bud and leaf--
    Oh how can Spring take heart to come
    To a world in grief, read more »

    Sara Teasdale
  • 38.
    Sonnet Xxxviii: First Time He Kissed Me

    First time he kissed me, he but only kissed
    The finger of this hand wherewith I write;
    And ever since, it grew more clean and white,
    Slow to world-greetings, quick with its "Oh, list," read more »

    Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  • 39.
    Time, Real And Imaginary

    On the wide level of a mountain's head,
    (I knew not where, but 'twas some faery place)
    Their pinions, ostrich-like, for sails out-spread,
    Two lovely children run an endless race, read more »

    Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  • 40.
    To Lucasta On Going To The War - For The Fourth Time

    It doesn’t matter what’s the cause,
    What wrong they say we’re righting,
    A curse for treaties, bonds and laws,
    When we’re to do the fighting! read more »

    Robert Graves
  • 41.
    Sonnet Xxxii: The First Time

    The first time that the sun rose on thine oath
    To love me, I looked forward to the moon
    To slacken all those bonds which seemed too soon
    And quickly tied to make a lasting troth. read more »

    Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  • 42.
    To The Rose Upon The Rood Of Time

    Red Rose, proud Rose, sad Rose of all my days!
    Come near me, while I sing the ancient ways:
    Cuchulain battling with the bitter tide;
    The Druid, grey, wood-nurtured, quiet-eyed, read more »

    William Butler Yeats
  • 43.
    Who Bides His Time

    Who bides his time, and day by day
    Faces defeat full patiently,
    And lifts a mirthful roundelay,
    However poor his fortunes be,-- read more »

    James Whitcomb Riley
  • 44.
    Dusk In War Time

    A half-hour more and you will lean
    To gather me close in the old sweet way--
    But oh, to the woman over the sea
    Who will come at the close of day? read more »

    Sara Teasdale
  • 45.
    Time Of Roses

    It was not in the Winter
    Our loving lot was cast;
    It was the time of roses—
    We pluck'd them as we pass'd! read more »

    Thomas Hood
  • 46.
    The Time When I First Fell In Love

    The time when first I fell in love,
    Which now I must lament;
    The year wherein I lost such time
    To compass my content. read more »

  • 47.
    Long Time I Lay In Little Ease


    LONG time I lay in little ease read more »

    Robert Louis Stevenson
  • 48.
    Time Knows Time

    Time flows
    Like the perennial river
    Time rides the crest
    Of a wave in the sea read more »

    Tirupathi Chandrupatla
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