Tori Fleck Fournelle

Rookie (Johnson City Tennessee / Johnson City Hospital)

Biography of Tori Fleck Fournelle

Well, some of you all know me EXTREMELY well... to the point where it feels like we have been friends for years! Anyways, I was born in Johnson City TN, my mom was 17 when she had me. My dad was 21. He left AS SOON AS he found out my mother was pregnant. Then I spent 12 years with my grandad, my granmother died when I was 5 years old. Then, when I turned 12 in March.... everything was about to change. In October of 2006 I can with my grandad to Staunton VA and visited his old Marine Corps buddy, and his buddies wife. Their names are Joe and Joy. So, within week they decided to adopt me. My grandad said yes. (At that point I was falling behind real bad in school. So, I have been living in VA for about 3 and a half years. And the adoption was finalized in July this year. And I am 15 going on 16! WAHOOOO....16 baby! lol :) Well, I'll add more later!

Well, I guess time permitted me to write some more about me for you to read... isn't that thrilling :) lol. Ok, well, I have had alot of people ask me if my mom and dad are alcoholics... yes, they are. I have never met my dad, only seen pics of him.... I talk to my mom occasionally, unfortunately, she doesn't really care that much. She started doing drugs at 14 years old, so as some of you might realize... if you start doing drugs drinking at that age.... that's you age mentality for the rest of your life. So, unfortuanetly she thinks of me more as her friend, more than her daughter.... I have to little half brothers... Justin and Brendan. Justin is 12, Brendan is 11. And yes, I am scared TO DEATH for them. I just wish they didn't have to be the adult soon before their time just like I did. But, my mom can't be around them anyway.. well, I guess technically she could now. But, they BOTH live with Justin's dad Scott Javens. In kingport TN. But, basically, they are having a crappy life like I was.... and remember, I was living with my grandad.. and I STILL had to become the adult after my Aunt Michelle's last meltdown.. from 2006. She left her husband and came back to live with her dad.. (my grandad) She has done that for years... she'll work herself to death.. and compete with other fellow workers.. then she gets herself so stressed that she thinks she needs to go back to partying.. and finds herself ANOTHER idiot... either marries him.. or ends up leaving him, or he leaves her. Michelle is turning 40 this year.. my mom,34. And they BOTH still act like to middle school girls. I feel bad about saying that, but it's the honest to god truth. Anyways, I'll trying write more later.. maybe :) Thanks though, for taking time to read this and my poems.. I hope you all enjoy! Also, just send me a message on here and tell me how you liked my poems.. if you want. I love talking to people.. :) Updates

Three Of Me!

I never thought I'd find myself
The day I found you two. Plans for nothing
Are now plans for three
Sisters in this universe
that make the world love.
For when I'd given up on dreams and faith
you showed me love and grace.
And now my love for you,
will never cease to grow.

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