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Rookie - 42 Points (March 24,1958 / Coral Gables, Florida)

Biography of TP Sage

TP Sage poet

I write to touch my reader's heart or soul or funny bone or memory or any other part of their corporeal or metaphysical being. At least that is my goal. Please let me know if I was successful.

I am older now than Byron and Burns, Keats and Kilmer, Poe and Plath, and Stevenson and Shelly all were when they died but I am 10 years younger than Emily Dickinson when she wrote, 'Because I could not stop for Death'.

I'm kinda hoping that means I'm only halfway home. I should probably go ahead and write a few masterpieces pretty soon though....just in case.

If you enjoyed something that I wrote, please let me know. If instead you thought my writing to be amateurish or trite or (gasp) mediocre it would waste both of our times for you to tell me. Sadly, it will be impossible for me to accept or validate your vitriol, and I will summarily dismiss your opinion as a symptom of your bitter and unfulfilled life. It's nothing personal. If you are a writer, I would expect nothing but equally strident self preservation.

Exceptional writing never exposes a writer's self important ego but exceptional writing cannot be written unless that self important ego exists.

Thank you for reading

-TP Sage Updates

The Most Important Thing

it's all good.
i really feel that way.
i do.
it only matters what's inside.
the storm may rage
and tear away the pieces
that you see.
but that's not me.
not anymore.

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