Tracey Owens

Biography of Tracey Owens

I was introduced to poemhunter when I was asked to read someone's work. I've been on here since then. I didn't consider writing until June and I was still new to the world of poetry. I've taken a new prospective of how I see things. I've enjoyed reading others work and meeting talented people.
I know my poems are not the best, but I try. I take under consideration people's opinions and I try to improve each time I write.
I write because it helps gather my thoughts and I'm able to express myself. Some of my poems are written for people and about people. My friends give me inspiration. Thank you for taking the time to read my work and I hope you enjoy them :) Updates


You were not there for me
When i needed you the most.
You let me fall to a thousand pieces
Without even caring
What happened to me.
And now you need me.
Will I choose to help you now?

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